The Adventures of Chantel 130: From the Darkknight to the Joker! Part 1

I have been saying for many years now that WotC is the hero we deserve but not the one we need, well with the attempted release of the OGL 1.1 has decided they want to change its role of superhero, to that of the supervillain. There was a lot in the leaked copy of theContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 130: From the Darkknight to the Joker! Part 1”

The Aventures of Chantel 129: System Overload

As we continue to watch the fallout from Ha$bro/WotC’s cash grab, The crowds have already started in with the Oh If everyone makes their own system, there are going to be so many systems and what are we going to do? Can you please stop, do you know how many systems there are right now?Continue reading “The Aventures of Chantel 129: System Overload”

This Gamers Goals 68: Happy New Year

I said to myself as I threw away my 2022 planner I don’t need this anymore. But I did for it had my 5-year goals in it. I think it went something like this. That’s all I remember, I know working on the Wonderland setting is one of them, and getting all my products in-gameContinue reading “This Gamers Goals 68: Happy New Year”

The Adventures of Chantel 128: I have a Problem

I have two many hobbies. Okay really I only have two but they both cost or can cost a lot of money. Today I am going to the game store to get cards for one of my commander decks. Now some of the cards I need are going to be close to 100 dollars. NowContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 128: I have a Problem”