This Gamers Goals 86

This week has not been as good as I wanted it to be. I have done the most work on 40 days and 40 nights. I only got one spell done for the Temptress, and only typed stuff for the C&C game one day. This week the promotion is The Temple of Golden Nunts. reading “This Gamers Goals 86”

The Adventures of Chantel 140: My Rich Life

My wife found this show on Netflix, called Hot to Get Rich, it’s a show from this dude that has a podcast and what he does is meets people and help them live their rich lives. My Wife’s seems simple she said she wants to travel Mine is a little more in-depth. and most ofContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 140: My Rich Life”

This Gamers Goals 85

I have three projects going right now and this last week I have only worked on two of them. This week the promotion will be on The Temple of Zeus. The goal for Patreon in May is four new Goblins. Come check it out. The King’s Castle OSR: I did not get theContinue reading “This Gamers Goals 85”

This Gamers Goals 84

This week has been slower than I would like it to be, working on the spells for the Temptress class is taking a lot of my time. This week the promotion is going to be The King’s Castle. There is one more day left for me to reach my goal of 4 Goblins inContinue reading “This Gamers Goals 84”

This Gamers Goals 82

This week has been okay, I am sitting here and can’t remember what happened, I know I only got two things posted to eBay, and I worked on Wonderland but that is it. This week I will be promoting CH4 The Temple of Set. I noticed the other day that it’s not up onContinue reading “This Gamers Goals 82”

The Adventures of Chantel 139: To Con or Not to Con?

I have finished all the pre-gens for the new printing of The King’s Castle, and I am about to start working on Wonderland for the day, but before I got to that I thought I wanted to write a blog post. At my work, I get 3.1 hours of PTO every two weeks. So ifContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 139: To Con or Not to Con?”