This Gamer’s Goals 55

This is my 755th post that is crazy that I am getting closer to 800 posts of some old lady just Just rambling on about stuff. I was looking back at some of the posts and this one is good.

I have also had this idea about doing more plane chase posts but I never get around to it. It would be a look at all the magic settings and if they would be good settings for D&D. We will see what happens.

Last week was a busy week, VGHC has come and gone. I got some work done on the Temple of Set, and Ravnica.

If you read my post about taking over the world, I did not work out last week.

So about this new week. The Temple of Golden Nuts is the adventure that will be promoted.

There is a lot going on this month at The Swamp. Lots and lots of Spooky season stuff. I would like to get two new goblins this week.

Alright, here we go things I need to do this week. work out, I am going to get this done, I have a workout partner now so it’s game on.

The goal is not only to work on the Temple of Set but to finish this level that I am on. There are about 10 pages left to type, so I should be able to get it done.

After being off for 13 days it’s time to go back to work, so I will be getting more work done on the Ravnica adventure.

There are other business things that I need to get done this week, but I think that is it for this week. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamer’s Goals 54

This past week has been okay, I got some work done on The Temple of Set, and the Ravnica adventure. Maybe not as much as I would have liked but some is better than none.

This week there is a lot to get done before a take a break for VGHC. so I am thinking I will spend some time at the game store working on The Temple of Set, and then I can come home and work on the Ravnica adventure.

This week starts a new month, and I am super excited about what is coming on Patreon.

It’s a short one, but until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #120: It’s Time To Take Over The World

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to take over the world. I don’t mean like a dictator. I mean like being in a place where everyone knows my name. By owning a game store in every state, and other places in the world, and by writing kick-ass adventures that everyone wants to own.

So now it’s story time. I have a pretty good job, I work three days a week, and once a month I work three days then have Sunday off, and then work three more days. That week kind of sucks, but I also get seven days off once a month. It really is a job that lets me work on my writing. But there was an HR job I was looking at applying for. In the process of thinking about that job, I decided that I really just need to focus on my goal of taking over the world.

So here’s what I need to do. I really need to get in the habit of working out, now I know I say this a lot on this blog, but again I need to focus on the goal so here we go. And I know you are asking what does working out has to do with talking over the world? Well 1 when dark overlords are hot, people are more willing to do stuff for them. And two and this one might be the most important, I can’t take over the world if I am dead, and my family history says I have about 20 years left.

When I am at work I have to get my writing done when I am on breaks, now on my long week that is really hard, but I have to figure it out. That will help me get more stuff out, I also need to get my typing done when I am at home, which I will good after the blog is done.

Did you know that I have a Website? I mean if you are reading this blog you should, but hey check out the right of it like the game store and the Pro DM. I use to have a section for my used game stuff and Magic cards, but it was not going anywhere so now I use eBay again or still.

Alright, need to get back to working on taking over the world, not just writing a blog about it. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamer’s Goals 53

It’s always hard to get things done on my long week at work, but I am going to have to figure out if I am going to take over the world, and that is a story for next week.

I did not get any extra blogs done last week and only got one thing done on the Ravnica game.

Alright, This week I need to get everything ready for VCHC. There are still some open seats if you would like to join.

This week we are back to promoting The King’s castle. Don’t forget that Tuesday is Two for Tuesday, if you buy the Print on Demand version of The King’s Castle Than message me on the Website, I will send you a PDF copy of the adventure.

It’s still the Spooky Season so Trick or Treat is still on sale.

Alright, it’s time to get into this week. I only work three days and so it’s time to get work done on Ravnica, I have to get Sawtooth prison done, and then The Ravnica six. I know who I want to do the art with, but I can’t get him until next year. So I guess I have to decide if I like him as bad as I think I do, or if I go with one of my other artists.

Now that Dancing in September is done, and ready to come out this week, it’s time to get back to typing The Temple of Set.

The Adventures of Chantel 119 I had a plan.

There are two dresses that I would really like to buy, one of them I would like to wear for my birthday next month.

Then the idea came to me, I could find someone to run 10 hours of I6 Ravenloft for me and anyone else that should up to the game I would be able to wear the dress in the first link and it would be a great time.

There is just one problem. no one has answered my post about running the adventure or signing up to be players.

I have had a friend reach out to me about running it online but I would really like to play in person. I guess there is still time to find people.

Alright, until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 52

This past week I got a few more adventures in, I had ideas for more like my plans for my birthday D&D game, but after work this week I was not ready to write blogs. I feel it is going to be much of the same this week, for it is my long week and that always drains me.

I reached my goal of getting Dancing in September done and on Patreon, and in 10 days everyone can get it.

I have started working on the final section of The Ravnica project.

Alright, then what about this week? This week I am promoting R1 Castle Roan. This is a homage to my buddy who passed away, this is the first Dungeon I played in when I started playing D&D.

I got one new Patreon this month, and now I only need four more to reach my monthly goal. by joining patreon you will get Dancing in September as stated above, and so many other good things.

Don’t forget that now that we are in the spooky season you can get Trick or Treat a Castles and Crusades adventure for only a dollar.

What are the projects this week? While now that Dancing in September is done, it’s back to getting the Temple of Set done.

I need to remember to get my graph paper into my backpack, I need to fix one of the maps in Ravnica and spend all three work days on that project, I am going to get it done.

I think that is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 117: What does Chantel need?

I have a friend that had cancer, and let’s just start this blog by saying Fuck Cancer. Anyway, they messaged me the other day and asked if there was anything I needed.

Now as the creator of The Helping Hand of Doom, I am the one that helps people, so even when I do need help, my go-to answer is I need a million dollars. I gave it a few hours and then I got back to them. What I really need is more eyes on my projects.

People can find all my PDF’s on Drivethrurpg.

I have all my Print on Demand books on Lulu.

Of course, there is the A Gamer A Day.

I think that is really everything I do. If you would also like to help out if you like what you read hear tell your friends if you don’t like what you read tell your enemies.

Oh, I forgot the Patreon.

Alright my friends until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 116 More Random thoughts

The Universe works in weird ways, I told my cousin that helped me find all three websites for the Snakeskin stockings that I was not going to get them because I need to save my money for other things. I mean 45 dollars is more than half of what I need for the Blightsteel Colossus.

I will just have to wait to add this to the wardrobe next year, which is fine because one Skaneskin is my thing and there are going to be snake people in the adventure that comes out at the VGHC next year.

I had more random thoughts, but they are gone now, so I guess until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 51

Maybe I should make it a goal to go on more Adventures, this blog is just becoming a weekly play for me to tell you what I am doing next week and it’s supposed to be A Gamer A Day.

I have been sitting on some random thoughts for a few days so maybe I can get a blog out on Monday, and on Tuesday I will have an adventure and I get everything ready to publish Dancing in September.

Last week the goals were to work on Ravnica at work and get Dancing in September done. While due to the Holiday and taking a day off to get my wife from the airport oh man there is an adventure going to the airport. Anyway, I only had one day of work last week, and I did not work on Ravnica because I was working on Dancing in September. So I reached 50% of my Goals.

Alright, let’s get into this week. This week the Promotion is The Temple of Golden Nuts.

Now is a good time to join the Patreon, Dancing in September will be live there on Tuesday. I would like to get five goblins this week.

Alright, so on to the writing, I still have to make the book that is Dancing in September so that is my number one goal to get it done and to patreon on Tuesday.

Then it’s back to typing The Temple of Set, and this week at work it is on to the final section of Working for Krenko.

There you have it, so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 50

Last week was an okay week. I finished the typing for Dancing in September, and I was also able to complete the section of Working for Krenko.

This week I will be promoting The Temple of Zeus.

I need to get the inking done for the cover of Dancing in September and get it colored.

It’s short this week, but until next time keep gaming.