This Gamers Goals 72

This last week was good, I got The King’s Castle converted to C&C, now I need to do the pre-gens for that. That was all I had for last week so let’s get into this week.

This week it’s time to get things back on track, now that Wizbros has decided that we can keep on keeping on, I need to get the pre-gens done for The Temple of Set. I will start working on that today and can work on it at work so I am hoping that I can finish it this week.

When I am done with the Pre-gens for The Temple of Set, it will be time to make the Pre-gens for The King’s Castle C&C version.

When I am done with this blog I also need to go set the Gamve Store back up.

It’s a new month this week, the patreon goal is four goblins. I have two characters that I need to post.

This week the promotion is The King’s Castle.

Alright my friends that’s it for today, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventure of Chantel 131 Music

There are a couple of things I need to read before I do From Darknight to the Joker part 2, so today I am going to answer a question from the owner of DIY games. What are the top five albums you listen to, to relax?

  1. This spot will always and forever belong to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Spot 2-5 are always changing and I am not even sure they all have albums but maybe playlists. Let’s see.

2. right now it’s The Broadway version of American Idiot

3. Pirates by Visions of Atlantis.

4. Right now it’s The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd, Yes I like Pink Floyd, but this one is because of the people of the internet, and how I love them.

5. I don’t know so I am going to cheat and give you my it’s all too much playlists.

Alright, that’s it for now, so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 71

This week has been really good, I have gotten a lot done on getting the King’s Castle converted to C&C. I have not worked on any part of Wonderland.

Next week will be the 29th, but it will be focused on the next month, so I guess this will be the last blog post for this month. I set a goal to make 100 dollars off Drivethru and Lulu. That was before Ha$bro decided they wanted to be jerks. I am going to be lucky if I make 20.00 dollars and that is good.

This week I should be able to finish the King’s Castle. I will still need to make pre-gens if I am going to do that.

It’s a short blog, but that’s it for this week, so until next time keep Gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 130: From the Darkknight to the Joker! Part 1


have been saying for many years now that WotC is the hero we deserve but not the one we need, well with the attempted release of the OGL 1.1 has decided they want to change its role of superhero, to that of the supervillain.

There was a lot in the leaked copy of the OGL 1.1 but that has been covered a lot, everyone and their dogs have talked about Ha$bro/WotC’s money grab. But there is one thing I don’t see a lot of people talking about, and we should be. we really should be, and for this reason this post is going to have two parts.

The thing we should be talking about is how Ha$bro knows what they are doing is so wrong that they have to have us fighting with each other. The Us vs Them. Now look I can’t prove that WotC went to PBS and said hey we have this story we want you to write or how much can we pay you to write this story. But the time of this story was really good for WotC because the infighting had already started, and they were going to need it.

Then Wizards leaked their own document, and in it they said the reason they need to make sure the people using the ogl 1.0a can’t bring a bad name to the brand.

Now I am not an expert but I think if the Most Just company was not trying to pull one over on us they would not need us fighting with each other. And if they were truly the Most Just company they would not have tried to Gaslight us and convince us that we are the bad girlfriend and that it was our fault we got hit.

That’s it my friends so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals #70

I am not one that believes we ever go back to normal, and though things with Ha$bro/WotC have claimed down, normal is still changing. I think this will become my weekly reminder that we don’t support Ha$bro anymore. So if you are readying this and have a D&D Begone account, maybe look into fixing that.

The week has been good, getting a lot of reading and writing done for getting The King’s Castle converted to Castles & Crusades.

This week the Promotion will be The House of Lilly, a Castles & Crusades adventure for 1st level characters.

There is really only one goal this week. Get the conversation on this adventure done.

That’s it for this week my friends, so until next time keep gaming.

The Aventures of Chantel 129: System Overload

As we continue to watch the fallout from Ha$bro/WotC’s cash grab, The crowds have already started in with the Oh If everyone makes their own system, there are going to be so many systems and what are we going to do?

Can you please stop, do you know how many systems there are right now? Let’s count some. There is Pathfinder, L5R, CoC, C&C, OSRIC, For Gold and Glory, and so many more. The problem here is that one System The “world’s greatest Role-Playing Game” has center stage to the point that people’s brains have been broken so they think there is only one system.

As we enter the era of the ORC, there are already whatever Kobold Press is working on, Pathfinder 2e, Project Phoenix, The Wonderland setting maybe, and at least 5 other systems that are being worked on as I write this post, and There are going to be so many more coming.

The problem we now face is not that there are going to be even more systems for people to choose it’s going to be making sure that one company doesn’t go for the power grab, now I don’t think this will happen because for now all the systems that are being created are owned by gamers, but if that ever changes that company better understand they are on Notice, and that goes double for The Swamp.

My friends that is it for today. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 69: Nice

What a week it’s been. I should have been able to finish the Temple of Set on Thursday, but I think that is the day the new 1.1 ogl leaked, and I did not work on anything for two days, other than trying to figure out what I am going to do.

This week the Promotion is The Temple of Zeus.

I did not do a very good job promoting The King’s Castle last week, So I will ensure I get this one done.

With all the stuff going on with WotC, I stopped working on both my Patreon projects, well I figured out what I was going to do. I don’t think I am going to pick those projects back up, but I know what’s going on at The Swamp so come on by and check it out.

Alright, today I am going to finish the Temple of Set. I have three pages left to type.

I need to read the books I have for Castles and Crusades.

I will be working on my new setting this week. and I need to sign my contract for Goodman-Games and send that off.

Alright my friends that’s it for this week. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 68: Happy New Year

I said to myself as I threw away my 2022 planner I don’t need this anymore. But I did for it had my 5-year goals in it. I think it went something like this.

  1. Finish Temple of Set and Mt. Kolob.

That’s all I remember, I know working on the Wonderland setting is one of them, and getting all my products in-game stores and getting my game store was on the list.

This Month I would like to make 100 dollars is a small about I think it’s a good starting point that is just from Lulu and Drivethru, and maybe anything I put up on Ebay.

This week the Promotion will be The King’s Castle. I would like to sell three copies.

The Goal for Patreon this month is 4 goblins. There is a lot of content coming out this month.

Alright now for this week. This week I am going to finish the Temple of Set. I had this plan to play my D&D writing playlist and write until it stopped, but with all the other things I need to do that is not going to work.

Every Day is Halloween still need to keep going strong on that, and now also 31 days of Character creation.

Alright friends, until next time, keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 128: I have a Problem

I have two many hobbies. Okay really I only have two but they both cost or can cost a lot of money. Today I am going to the game store to get cards for one of my commander decks. Now some of the cards I need are going to be close to 100 dollars.

Now if I was a grown-ass woman, I would be saving that money for going to Gary con, or the Ravenloft books I am buying that cost 450 dollars, or all the old TSR stuff I need.

The crazy thing is, I don’t even like the commander format, but I enjoy the people I play with mostly. When I stopped playing Magic it was easy because it was not fun anymore, but now it is kind of fun, and I have a problem.

Alright, that is it for the day, it’s time to go buy some Magic cards. So until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 127: A New OGL

I have spent two days looking for my blog post about the day I was at the game store, and some dude tried to tell me it was the Law that WotC makes all the monies. In said blog post I wrote all the things WotC could do to make all the Monies.

I did not see them taking money off the top for companies that make 750K a year and setting a baseline of 50K a year so in 2025 they can charge more creators a cut of the money they make but I am not surprised.

In the blog I wrote back in the day, I said that I could see them either ending the contract or buying OBS. Okay, I said they would buy it. I still think that either they are going to end the contract or Buy OBS. And here is why WotC said that if you are a creator making content using the OGL 1.1 you have to put your creation into a Database, well Dm’s Guild is a Database so why would they create a new database if they already have one? And yes I know it’s Wizards so creating a new database is not past them. However, there is only two days left in this year and people already have things ready to publish in January.

I thought I had more to write, but I am out of stuff, so until next time keep gaming.