This Gamer’s Goals 55

This is my 755th post that is crazy that I am getting closer to 800 posts of some old lady just Just rambling on about stuff. I was looking back at some of the posts and this one is good. I have also had this idea about doing more plane chase posts but IContinue reading “This Gamer’s Goals 55”

The Adventures of Chantel #120: It’s Time To Take Over The World

Since I was a little girl I have wanted to take over the world. I don’t mean like a dictator. I mean like being in a place where everyone knows my name. By owning a game store in every state, and other places in the world, and by writing kick-ass adventures that everyone wants toContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel #120: It’s Time To Take Over The World”

The Adventures of Chantel 119 I had a plan.

There are two dresses that I would really like to buy, one of them I would like to wear for my birthday next month. Then the idea came to me, I could find someone to run 10 hours of I6 Ravenloft for me and anyone else that should up to the game I wouldContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 119 I had a plan.”

The Adventures of Chantel 117: What does Chantel need?

I have a friend that had cancer, and let’s just start this blog by saying Fuck Cancer. Anyway, they messaged me the other day and asked if there was anything I needed. Now as the creator of The Helping Hand of Doom, I am the one that helps people, so even when I do needContinue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 117: What does Chantel need?”

The Adventures of Chantel 116 More Random thoughts

The Universe works in weird ways, I told my cousin that helped me find all three websites for the Snakeskin stockings that I was not going to get them because I need to save my money for other things. I mean 45 dollars is more than half of what I need for the Blightsteel Colossus.Continue reading “The Adventures of Chantel 116 More Random thoughts”

This Gamers Goals 50

Last week was an okay week. I finished the typing for Dancing in September, and I was also able to complete the section of Working for Krenko. This week I will be promoting The Temple of Zeus. I need to get the inking done for the cover of Dancing in September and get itContinue reading “This Gamers Goals 50”