Super Beat Down Sunday

It has been a few months since I did a Super Beat Down Sunday. But I might be getting back into so I have a reason to play Arena. yeah I know I was excited the other day when I said I had not played it for five days, but I really want to figure out how to make my Saga deck work, so I need to do that and I want to make my Boros Dwarf deck better.

So each week I will talk about my online encounters, and if I go play with my group I will share about that too. One reason I stopped doing the Super Beat Downs is that I can only take so much of my group, I really need to find a new one.

Alright today’s daily challenge was to cast 20 creatures, I used my Orzhov deck and, casting that mean creatures, it’s going to take a few games because the deck is fast and It is not very often that would cast more than five creatures at a time. I went 4-1 with this deck, the deck I lost to was a mono red deck, and could not get my life gain fast enough not to get burned. I made it to Gold 2.

In the Real life game, I was able to play with my uncle, we played four games The first two games I played my Gruul deck. I did better the second game, but still lost both. I could not get any land.

The second game I used my Dimir storybook deck. I one that game, I have to say though that the last two times I have used that deck, I have had to come up with other ways to win, because my go to move with the Folio just hasn’t happened.

The Third game I used another Dimir mill deck. The idea is that my defenders mill. I won that game.

The Last game was commander, I could have won a few times, but I am trying to teach my uncle how to play the game better. I am not sure why.

Alright that is it for now, so until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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