The Adventures of Chantel #42

I might have been planning to write a blog today, but I was hoping it would be latter in the evening. But both the the things I am working on today are kind of on hold. So why not do it now.

the website is coming alone, one of the two projects I am working on is to get 9 items up each day between the two stores. But I take photos on my tablet and then email them to myself and for some reason that doesn’t always work out. I should maybe look in to the app.

The reason I wanted to wait until I was done working to do the blog, is on todays list of The Temple of Zeus to take the 1e version of the Hero Jason and convert him to the OSRIC, and that means sharing him and the Artifact he as with the my goblins on Patreon, and then I would share a link to that here.

I am not able to finish this yet, because in the OSRIC system book, it says that Paladins and Rangers get zero-level spells, but I don’t see anywhere in the book a list of spells. Now Jason is not a Paladin, but he is a Ranger, and maybe like my last character that I converted I don’t need zero-level spells, but this is the second time it has come up so I kind of want to know.

I just got a new Goblin on the patreon, so I have reached all my goals for this month. you can find it here.

I think that is it for this adventure, I need to get more stuff done. So until next time Keep Gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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