The Adventures of Chantel #49, I need a new bookcase.

I was debating if I was going to write a post today, but then when my bookcase broke, I know what I was going to write about. The only thing in my room now are things that I need for my writing, the rest is in boxes to go to my aunts house.

A few blogs ago, I said that some day i should share my production list with you, and now that the only thing on my shelf is what I need for writing, I guess today is better than any other I guess.

The Temple of Zeus 1e. This is done I just need to publish it next week.

The Temple of Golden Nuts (was the Temple of The Cat Lord) 1e

The Temple of Set 1e.

Mt. Kolob 1e

Everything to the point is for The Final Dream I.

Ice and Dice 5e this is not the game of the adventure but the con that I am writing for.

Bloodmore Keep 1e. (this will be this years adventure for Greyhawk con)

Working for Krenko 5e

40 days and 40 nights 3/3.5 ( have the folder for the project but all the books are in boxes). I don’t think I am going to get to this adventure any time soon.

Lady Fear 5e ( I might make this part of my Ravenloft adventures.)

Sing Sweet Nightingale 1e

The Slave book 5e ( this is a book about the Slave background.)

Blue Magic 5e

The Shopping adventure 1e

The Sports ball adventure 1e

The Glory Hole Dwarven Mine 3e ( It’s a working title and I might do something for 1e and 5e)

Red Magic 5e

The O.A. 1e/3/3.5/5e

The O.A. II (see above).

Ravenloft. ( I have a list of three things I could do).

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

Black Magic 5e

Green Magic 5e

White Magic 5e

A Mighty Crown 1e

A is for Aphrodite 1e (I might also make this a 3/3.5 thing).

Thee will also be an adventure added to the list when I know what artifact is in the Temple of Set.

That is a big list and I better get on it, so until next time keep Gaming.

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8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Chantel #49, I need a new bookcase.

  1. That is a long list. Are these standalone games of adventures/supplements for an existing game (I assume D&D 5e)?


    1. Frank, Yes they are Standalone adventures, the Temples and Mt. Kolob are can be, but they are also all part of the same Adventure path. I might have missed a few, but after the title of the adventure I have but what edition they are for. everything on this list is either for 1,3 or 5e.


  2. Hey Chantel – I have a huge list of potential projects similar to yours and I found it difficult to be successful until I prioritized them and worked on one until it was done. I suggest doing the same with your list. It is too easy to bounce from project to project, always working, but with nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Working hard with no results is discouraging and I found myself starting a new project instead of finishing the one(s) I became frustrated with.

    It seems like you talk about Temple of Set or Temple of Zeus most frequently, so pick one of those and put the rest on a mental shelf until it is done. I think you will find it much more rewarding to have one completed project than 25 partially completed ones.

    Good Luck



    1. John, Thank you. The Temple of Zeus is done, and all ready to be published. I am working on one project at a time right now. I use to have 5 that I was working at a time and agree that is too much.


      1. You’re welcome and congratulations on the Temple of Zeus. How/where will you publish it so I can find it? Also sorry to hear you won’t be making it to NTXRPGCON – it is my favorite to attend.!


      2. Thanks, John, I have been kind of looking forward to going to NTRPG con for some time. My Cousin and I have even talked about doing a road trip, be she plays Final Fantasy and I guess in 15, the game is about being on a road trip. I will be Publishing the PDF version on Drivethru, and the PoD version on Lulu. I will also have links to them here on the game store page. and I will have a link on the main page.


      3. Where would you be road-tripping from..? I am lucky enough to be just a couple hours away.


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