This week in Gaming 6/9/2021

The first week back from family stuff, it’s always good to be back to doing what you enjoy.

The first thing I want to talk about is not really gaming, but about the WordPress site. When I write a blog and someone comments on it, it will show that I have tp approve it, but after that it doesn’t show that someone has said something. Sometimes I get a email, but not every time. I am not saying I need to approve everything, but it would be nice if it said he John said something on your post.

This week I am promoting one of my 5e adventures Chanel’s Museum of Natural History. I wrote if for a contest a few years ago.

Hey ladies do you like gaming? if you said yes then do I have some good news for your. Woman+ con is coming June 26th-27th. Plus if you are readying this blog, you get a cheat code to get a free badge. RM74-E7VL-W15T-9DWU

I have signed up for a Starfinder game called Band on the Run, and me being me is already having fun with that. My name will be “Allen Parcin” I play the Keygtaur, and my weapon if I need one will be a sludge hammer.

The Final Dream I: Work on the Temple of Golden Nuts is coming along well, I have to write all the new monsters I am making for it, and then I can continue on with that project. but before I can finish that I need to create a Ninja class for my next Virtual Greyhawk con adventure.

I am hopping that my Proof copy of The Temple of Zeus comes today, so I can take it with me when I go to the game store. The Manager only plays 2e, so I know he will buy a copy and then hopefully he will order two for the shop.

Wonderland: There was no work on Wonderland this week because of my trip to Las Vegas, but I am about to get a lot of world mapping done. Then Fridays Wonderland world-building will be about a city or two.

Ravenloft: I am reading about the spells in the 2e setting, I have not had any new ideas, but I have not been reading as much as I would like to. Maybe tomorrow while the kids are swimming i can get some reading in.

Well my friends we have come to the end of another week, so until next time Keep Gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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