The Adventures of Chantel 58: What do you want form me?

The title can be a little miss leading, I mean I always want to know what you want from me, but It’s more about the question I want to answer, and when I was working on schooling I found a way to use a Pink Floyd song in every paper and this felt like a good time to drop this one.

So now let’s get on with it. The other day I was on twitter cause that’s what you do, and someone asked Ok TTRPG creators what do you want out of this? Now I know better then to answer some things on Twitter because the Asshats are waiting, and this is kind a longer answer then the amount of characters you are allowed on a tweet.

Now there is the Fortune and Fame, and Glory, oh look I did the Pink Floyd thing again, but any way I don’t think I will get to that level, if I do that is cool.

I link maybe I should lay it out from least to greatest, so here we go, the first thing I want to come out of my creating is that I want to be able to buy the things I need, rather that be cloths for everyday, con stuff or the books I need to write more. I was happy that because of Drivethru and Patreon I have enough money that I can buy the new Ravenloft book. When I am not putting gas in the car.

The next thing is, I got tired of working for other people along time ago, and as I get older that only gets worse. And this is were the patreon comes in. When I am able to reach the 2,000 dollar goal I can take care of the things I need to take care of with out working. Some one once said “you need to dream bigger.” Oh don’t worry after I reach that goal I will come up with more, like the 2,465 dollar goal that way I can get an office, but the more I think about that I don’t need 465 dollars because when the kids are at school I can work from home.

The last thing is to take over the world one game store at a time. This is a two fold thing. I want to get my writings in every game store That I can. I am working on some things for that and will be 100% ready to launch those when I am done with the Temple of Golden Nuts. The second fold is that I want have my own games stores.

I think the time has come, the blog is over, the only thing I have left to say is, until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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