Christmas in July is coming I think

When I came up with this idea I wanted to call it Ho, Ho, Ho something bad, but then I thought people don’t always like being called nerds so they might not like what I was going to call them. Then I thought I would just put it here, and that won’t work because now my blogs come in podcast format, and if your podcast has bad words some countries would allow it to be played. So shot.

I don’t know what people are going to do the Christmas in July sale that should be coming soon, but I want to share some of the places I will be looking for, and you can check them out. I heard once that you can follow people, but I have not tried it maybe you can and then you will get an email about the sales I don’t know.

There was one person I asked if they were going to do the sale, and I did not get an answer. Most of the time when I do these things I am going to just shout out to the little dudes, but I really like the Frogs so I will shout out the Frog Gods.

The next one is great because he is not doing The Drivethrurpg Christmas in July, but when I asked for a link to the drivethru page, Elf Lair Games decided that all PDF’s were going to be 30% until the end of July.

Looking at the Muse by Basic Witch Games I can’t tell if they changed the price, or if there is already a sale but The Muse is a good item and even if they don’t do a Christmas in July I think you should check it out.–The-Muse?affiliate_id=1559598

PPM Games. This mate of mine does solo games.

There were two more that I wanted to add, but one I can’t find the link, and the other one the link is not working. So until next time keep gaming and keep an eye out for Santa.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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