The Adventures of Chantel 64 or Roll a d6

Some times people ask questions on Facebook, and I don’t like writing long answer on Facebook so a new idea for a blog post is born. As I write this blog remember the right way to do something is the way you and your group is doing it. Now that being said don’t be a dick about it.

Let me share a story with you. Back in the 4e days this question came up about how you create characters just like it has to day, and some dude said he uses point buy because he would never leave his characters life up to chance. And of course I had to point out that the rolls at character creation have noting to do with if you live or die, and even if you and 18’s across the board you chances of dying are still 50/50. And if you are playing in a game that everyone agrees that you can’t die, than you could have all 3’s and it would not matter.

So the Question was posted do you use 3d6 in order, 3d6 and put them where you want to, or do you use 4d6 and drop the lowest?

While the first time I played D&D the dm told me to roll all the d6’s and yeah there are a lot of 18’s this way because yeah. And some times I still do this. but depending on the game I am playing is what roll system I use. When I am working on my old school stuff I use 3d6 in order, and when I am working on anything 3e and up I use 4d6 drop the lowest and reroll 1’s.

Now that being said in 4e I got tired of every character being the same so I started rolling 3d6 in order, oh man the looks I got where great and the characters where fun for me so it was a win-win.

So in short there is my long answer about rolling dice to make a character. Until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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