The Adventures of Chantel 68 or Let’s go,go Power Rangers, or is it street Samurai

Remember that one time I wrote about how I know that we are never going back to Kamagawa, because that was a dark time for WotC, but if we did there would be a lot of things they could do with Dungeons and Dragons and resetting the Oriental Adventures of 1e? It’s ok if you don’t I have a link to it right here.

Well Guess what. There are reasons you never say never, and one of those reason is because in Q1 we are going back to Kamagawa. The name of the set would make one think they are now power rangers.

But some of the art makes me wonder it they are doing Shadow Run, and they are street Samurai.

Now I know just because we are getting a new Magic set in Kamagawa doesn’t mean we would get a D&D/MtG crossover, but it doesn’t change the fact that it would still be a good Idea to do so.

I think that is it, so until next time keep gaming.

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