The Adventures of Chantel: or if you guys are us what Number are we thinking of?

That’s right Dudes it’s the 69th adventure of Chantel, and as I was opening wordpress to write this blog, I thought oh it’s suppose to be This Week in Gaming, but there is really nothing to share with you this week and what I am thinking is maybe more important than, This Week In Gaming.

It’s still a few months before November and I think about my yearly goals and maybe my five year or ten year goals, but I am always thinking about things so I can figure out what my goals are going to be.

One thing is I have a friend that puts out a new product every quarter, so for a year, and I was talking to another friend and he said that if his Kickstarter was to fund, he would be able to put out a new product every other month. I mean my production list is big enough that I could have a product every other month, but could I write and type and get art ready that fast? I like the idea of doing something every three months.

I need to find away to Promote my Pro Dm page more, so I can start getting gig’s that way.

I also need to figure out away to get at least to new Goblins for my patreon every month. I am kind of starting to get burned out again on that front.

I was listening to The Sleep with Me podcast and the host was saying in did some research and he found that you would only get 1% of patreon from Twitter, that means I should have five right now. So I kind of wonder if that is just for podcasts.

Alright my friends that is it for this adventure, so until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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