This Week in Gaming 9/9/20121

Before we get in to what’s going on this week at The Swamp, that being The Temple of Golden Nuts and the adventure for Ice and Dice. I saw something on Twitter today about someone has a game and it took the players 4 years to met a dragon. I mean good for them, but on the same hand it’s your game they could meet a dragon on day one if you wanted them to.

In fact the only adventure on this list that doesn’t have a dragon in it is. Escape from Cyclops island. and the only adventure in the Final Dream that doesn’t have a dragon is Mt. Kolob. In The King’s Castle you meet Brass the Copper Dragon, in The Temple of Zeus there is a Blue Dragon, In The Temple of Golden Nuts there is the Cat Dragon, and in The Temple of Set there are undead dragons.

The Final Dream II will also have lots of dragons in it.

Alright now let’s get into what is going on at The Swamp.

The Final Dream I: Still typing away at the Temple of Golden Nuts. I should be able to get a lot of stuff done today and tomorrow.

Ice and Dice: I have sent all the maps to the guys that will be making nice maps for this book, now it’s time to get the writing done.

Alright that’s it for some dragon talk and an update on whats doing down here, so until next time keep gaming.

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