The Adventures of Chantel 71: VGC is coming.

Got an email from anchor today, they wanted to know if I have deleted any of the podcast shows that I have created. The answer is I have not, so I guess we wait a few more days until they come up with the next thing that could be causing the issue.

Virtual Greyhawk Con is coming it’s the 1st-3rd of October. I am mostly ready for it. I just need to feel the seats for all my games.

I have 3 people signed up for The King’s Castle, right now the plain is to have each of them run two characters. It sounds like we will be using Pregen’s, I told them they could make their own characters if they wanted to and only one person got back and said pregens will be fine. I need to fix the monk that is in The King’s Castle to be the OSRIC monk and then I can keep him as a pregen in the other adventures.

I have one person signed up for one of the two Temple of Zeus adventures and one person signed up for Castle Roan.

I think for this con, I will be wearing Snakeskin. it’s my favorite so yeah.

I think that is it for this adventure, so until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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