Wait Wizards doing what I said they Should?

Now if you know me, some would think when I ask do you remember you’re going to think the next part of the question is the 21st night of September. but this time you would be wrong. Today I am going to ask Do you remember when I said if WotC wanted to make the most money they could they would make a D&D 5.5? If you don’t it’s okay I got your back. https://agameraday.blogspot.com/2021/02/wizards-first.html


I don’t think this blog is going to have two parts. But let’s get into it, everyone should have seen this coming with all the rule books that were coming out, and when they sent out the survey asking about what you thought of the Classes in the PHB?

I guess the biggest thing I want to talk about is that it will be D&D 5.5 and not 6e because if they brand it as a new game, they are going to lose all those people that I talked about in the first blog, and will have to start rebuilding what they already have. but if they brand it .5 like they did back in the day with 3, those people that have decided that 5e is their game will start buying the .5 books.

The other thing about it not being 6e. This is just a cash grab like I said it would be. How do I know this. the Gift set that is coming out in January, will later in the year be sold as single books. If it was going to be a new editions they would dump all their 5e stuff in a mad dash to get ready for 6e. There is also the always you know a new edition coming out sign. They have not said anything about a Manual of the Planes. the white flag that an edition is dying.

Now there are some people that say how do you know it’s 5.5 and not 6e they were really vague While they have to be, if they came out and said that in 2024 we are making 6e, everyone would stop buying the books that are coming out between now and then even if they are backwards compatible.

Side note the first. what does backwards Compatible even mean these are books not a Play station 5, you can convert any book you want to fit the system you want, it’s always been that way. It’s one of the things that makes the game so Great!

Side note 2. They have to be vague because if WotC said we are coming out with D&D 6e in 2024, the Production of PF 3 would start tomorrow and would come out before 6e and might just might take the spotlight from WotC again. and wizards can’t have that.

Alright I think that is all I have to say about that, so until next time keep gaming.

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