The Adventures of Chantel 88: Christmas is coming

I hate Black Friday, I went shopping one time when I was a Jr in High School, and it sucked from that start, I don’t like getting up early but whatever and all the people at Walmart because they need the new Tickle Me Elmo, and that is what we were doing there my aunt needed on for her kid. And to top it all off we were at a fabric store getting the fabric so my Grandma could make pj’s for everyone because that is what she did for Christmas, and as we were getting ready to check out some lady cut in front of us, and my Grandma said to her I hope you get hit as you are walking through the parking lot.

Because nothing says Peace on Earth Goodwill towards man, like telling someone you hope they get hurt. And I have only gone one other time when My wife and I first got married because it was a new thing for her.

But Christmas is coming and everyone needs gifts, and that is why I share with you my writing, but the writing of some really cool dudes.

Aside from checking out the Game Store tab, I post stuff on Drivethru.

And you can join the Goblin Army.

Well, we are on the subject of Drivethru, I love me some adventures and other books from Mothsade Concepts.

That other place I love buying adventures from is Casl Entertainment

He also has a Patreon.

Alright there it is, some places to get your Christmas on, and until next time keeping gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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