The Adventures of Chantel #97 or For The Love of The Game.

As I write this Please understand that I support that we are redefining some things in our lives. I just wish two of those things would be what it means to be a sell-out or teaching our kids that it is 100% okay to be a sell-out and second what For the Love of the Game Means.

John Stockton one of the Greatest point Guards of all time did what he did because of The love of the Game, and he was happy. Karl Malone who I will only talk about this one time also did what he did because he loved the game, and yeah he was a sell-out he went to the Lakers because he wanted a Ring, and if not for blowing out his knee he would have gotten it.

I use to think that I wanted to Sell-out and would give up my writing to go work at WotC. Now I just want to be a Sell-out by doing my writing. It’s okay to be a Sell-out that is kind of the go of the goal of writers on band members or sportsballers. to make a living doing what you are doing.

So why is it that in the world of Role Playing games everything should be done in the name of The Love of the Game and why is it that means somehow everything should be free useless you are WotC or Pazio or whatever other big-name gaming company people are supporting.

Now sometimes I will fight the idea of Pro-Dming or paying to play. There is a game store in my area that made it sound like they were charging to play Adventure league and that is 100% everything not what Al is about even though to play AL you have to pay to get into cons.

Put most of the time I support Pro DM’s people need to be able to eat, and if this is how people want to pay the bills then good for them. If you don’t want to do it or play in a pay to play game, that is also 100% but Please stop with the For the Love of the game crap, there is more than one way to love the game and, just because we don’t love it the same way doesn’t me we are making it less pure.

Alright, I have said my peace so until next time Keep Gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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