This Gamers Goals #23

How did I do on last week’s goals? I think we will call it 50/50, I did not get done with the level of The Temple of Set that I wanted to, but I have spent a day and a half working on the Ravnica adventure.

I really need to get done with the Temple of Set. I got a Facebook memory from a year ago, about working on the Basement level of this adventure. So I have been working on it for a year and I still have a level and a half to do.

This week I will be promoting The Temple of Zeus I am going to try and remember Two for Tuesday this week.

Alright so let’s get to this week’s goals. Alright with 31 days out of the way I can spend all three of my breaks at work, working on the Temple of Set, and on Saturday I can spend the whole day working on this project. I really need to get done with level three this week, I have a lot of Monsters that I am going to have to write. I really only need one of the Gay Frogs, but I figure I better write all of them at one time.

I was supposed to start my in-person Ravnica on the 13th but my wife decided that we are going to my aunt’s house for the family Super Bowl party. So I guess I get one more week to get more writing done. I need to finish the first mission in this time.

There are other things I need to do like getting my business entity renewed and set up my wife’s business and getting our taxes done.

That is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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