This Week in Gaming for the week of Super Mar10

I want to start with, I can’t remember if I have already shared that one of my games for Gary Con has sold out. I am super excited about that. The King’s Castel.

Side note, The King’s Castel is one of the first adventures I published 3 years ago, and it has only been shared two times of Drivethru. The GM’s day sale is still going on so you can get it, or any of the other 1e adventures for $8.50

Alright, now that we got that out of the way. Let’s get into the gaming.

The play by post game is going well, I thought I was trapped in a box, but I am not sure anymore, I think it’s just the demon that is messing with me.

The in-person Ravnica game took a week off, I did not feel like driving in the snow.

The online Ravnica game still has room for Three people, you can get into that game by joining the Patreon at the 20 dollar level.

I have only gotten back the paper I sent out from the Rakdos Barbarian.

Name: “Saklas” name given by orphanage.

Gender: male

Pronouns: he/him

Class: Barbarian

Guild: House Dimir. Is a secret agent currently pretending to be a member of the Rakdos carnival.

Personality traits: sarcastic, quick tempered. Reserved in reality as those are the traits he projects. Actually has an incredibly hateful seething anger towards authority but grits his teeth and bears his life out of necessity.

Ideals: freedom and strength

Bonds: his own inner strength and determination

Flaws: can get distracted

Guild contact: Lasav (Dimir), Carnival barker bard named Hephaestus (Rakdos)

Non guild contact: goblin fence on tin street named Gronk

This should be fun.

Alright my Friends until next time, keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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