March Madness is Here!

Oh man when three of my favorite things come together, Role-playing Games, Basketball, and Dressing nice. It’s time for March Madness at The Swamp. Now we all know that March Madness is about Making Money, so I thought I would try to make myself and some of my friends some money. In The RPG Product Bracket.

The voting can be found on my Twitter

The West

The overall 1 seed is I6 Ravenloft and it will be going up against The Doomgrinder

The 2 seed is Horror in the Huuls and it will be going up against the Expanded Rules Gift set.

The 3 seed is The Golden (immortals) vs Rappen-Athuk Level 2 in the S&S version it is broken into 3 levels but it appears that you can only get the 5e version now.

The 4 seed is the first printing of Demigods and Deities, the special one but you can’t get it anymore so here is what you can get. Vs Dezidens of Freeport I can’t find a link for that.

The 5 seed is A5 – Kill Marquessa! vs The Succubus Bride

I think we are going to have to do part two of the West tomorrow, there are many things still left to do today. so until then keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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