This Week in Gaming 4/13/22

This is a cool art card. I went to get some full art lands from the new Kamagawa, but the only ones the store had were foil, and I didn’t want to pay 3 dollars each for four lands.

But we are not here about Magic unless it’s the Ravnica games. So let’s get into the D&D.

Play by Post Game: The game is going good, I have reached level two, you can see an updated character sheet on my Patreon.

I might be creating an enemy, one of the girls that works for my character thinks she wants to go off and do her own things so we will see what happens.

Online Ravnica Game: This group will next meet on April 19th. There is still room in this game.

In-Person Ravnica Game: Last week in Ravnica our group had just found out about a plot to kill Jace. This week there were two missions they could follow up on a ghost in the plaza and the plot to kill Jace.

Frist on the list go and figure out why the ghost is in the Plazza? The answer is that he wants to get his treasure chest so he can pay off his debt to the church. His debt is 480,000 gp.

The Druid always knows a shortcut.

Every time the Druid says she knows a shortcut, you can hear the goblin says oh crap. Because every time they enter the undercity, they get attacked by some drow. This time the drow are working for Krenko.

The group got a second chance to work for Krenko, and once again they turned it done. So back to finding the ghost’s treasure.

Did you really think I was just going to give a group of level 1 adventures 480,000? They bailed on this quest real fast.

The Plot on Jace turned out to be a trap to get people into a Murder cercus. turns out that the weirds cousin was the leader of this Murder Cercus, called The Kevin Long Show.

I wanted to wait until I had everyone’s info, but for now, I have everyone’s info so let’s meet the adventures.

Oh, I forgot to put race on the paper that is the story of my life, but I know what everyone is.

Name: Sulthana

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/her

Race: Smic Hybrid

Class: Druid (Circle of Spores)

Guild: Golgero Swarm

Personality Trait: Remember I can kill you in your sleep. Or put centipedis in your bedroll.

Ideals: Stoicism All of us are part of the cyclical march of nature, which will continue with or without us. (Neutral)

Bonds: I am forever grateful to the reclaimer who found me floating facedown in the sewer, moments from death.

Flaws: I can’t help but pocket any trinket or coin I come across, no matter how worthless.

Guild Contact: Ally: Findbroker, Rival: Parent Assassin

Non-guild contact: Azorius Arrester

Name: Cadren

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Race: Izzet Weird

Class: Wizard

Guild: Izzet League

Personality Traits: Looking for a quick buck, Lover of fire

Ideals: Money Talks and I am listening will sell you a fake magic feather for 50 gp.

Bonds I may have been a con in the past, but now I’m a con with morals

Flaws: Seen by many as selfish and arrogant but they were on the wrong side of my bargain.

Guild Contacts: Scientists of lab of pyrology

Non Guild contact: a cousin in the Cult of Rakdos

Name: Binax

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Race: Goblin

Class: Fighter

Guild: Azorius Senate

Personality Trait: I try never to let my judgment become clouded by emotion.

Ideals: Peace The ultimate object of the law is to remove violence from society

Bonds: I tried and failed to prevent a murder, and I have sworn to find and arrest the perp.

Flaws: I’m incapable of deception. I have a love of schadenfreude

Guild Contact: I know a humonculus in the halls of New Prahv who can get things done behind the scenes.

Non-guild contact: I have a fanatical Selesnya cousin who keeps trying to recruit me and everyone else in the family.

Alright, my friends the Adventure in Ravnica has come to an end this week so until next time keep gaming.

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