This Week In Gaming 6/2/22

The Patreon Ravnica Game: I have some news coming out on Saturday about this.

The Play by Post Game: The dm messaged and said things are mostly back to normal and will post soon.

The in-person Ravnica game: It’s always a good idea, to ask how a certain race is treated in a setting, but maybe do that before you talk about cutting the ears off of drow, and that is how this week’s game started.

Somewhere in precinct two is a bar so rundown it doesn’t even have a name, and the goblin who runs it hates his job. This seems to be the bar that my players go to the most, even though I have given them a place that is nice and has adventure hooks waiting for them. And this is 100% okay, I just think it’s funny.

The druid being without her goblin fighter friend, and the wizard found her way to said bar. Where she found a Vadalkin Artificer, an Imp Rogue, and a Minotaur Artificer, that most patronage this bar has ever seen.

The adventure to the Tower of Ra Na Koi, started because the Valdalkin had a map with a tower on it and the Druid doesn’t know any shortcuts to it.

Who puts a Roundabout in Ravnica?

Every time the Druid needs to go somewhere she knows a shortcut, and every time the group is in the undercity they get attacked. This time it was three drow, a rat swarm, a giant spider, and a poisonous snake.

The Tower of Ra Na Koi, can only be entered at 2 am, when the moon hits it just right and you can see the door. The tower is full of death and pain. The good news for the group is the imp likes death and pain. The bad news is they have 17 more levels to go before they get out.

Alright, my friends that is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

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