The Adventures of Chantel #109: WotC The Gayness we Deserve but not what we Need

Every month there seems to be something that upsets my uncle, and yes part of that is because he is not a happy man, but the other part is that he truly feels he is missing out on something. Rather it is Black History Month in February or Pride in June.

I don’t know what it is like for people in February, but I would like to just point out to him if he thinks it sucks when companies are all like look we are gay now and we want all your gay money. How do you think Gay and Lesbian, and all the other people feel when Wizards of the Coast is like hey LGBTQ+ people we are here for you come buy our stuff?

I have always said that the Fake “wokeness” of WotC has bugged me and we should call on them to do better, but there is really something about The Gay Secret Lairs that rubes me the wrong way. Maybe it is that What the Hell is going on with the Soul Ring?

To me, there is nothing about this card that says, we are all gay. And the only reason I would want it is because I have a group that I play with sometimes and I already know they are asking the WTF do we need gay magic cards? I will play this card so much.

Maybe, it bugs me because WotC just changes the art of some cards and it like hey we are all gay now come buy this really cool thing we made.

Or maybe and when I say maybe I mean it’s this one. WotC creates things and then never does anything with them or pulls back from them because it might make the guy bro dudes made. And I know you are asking what I am I talking about? While I am going to tell you.

Why is Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, not a main character in any story that Wizards is working on? I mean if we want the Trans players to be like yeah that is my girl right there, and one of the reasons I play this game, Why has she only been in one set, and now WotC is bringing her out to be like hey guys look we did a thing for you.

The other thing that bugs me the most is the love story between Chandra and Nissa and how in War of the Spark WotC was just like no man they are just friends. Why, Why are they just friends when they can be lovers and start a family if they want to?

While my friends if you don’t know the answer, maybe we can talk about that next time, but for now, until next keep gaming.

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