This Week In Gaming 6/15/22 It’s called the Tower of Death, but on the Plus Side, it’s not Grimtooth’s Tower of Death.

Last Time in the City of Ravnica the group found more people to join the group. An Imp from the Cult of Rakdos, a Minotaur from the Izzet League, and a Valdalkin from the Izzet League. They started exploring an unknown tower.

This week in the City of Ravnica it was only the Imp the Minotaur and the Goblin that continued up the tower.

On the third level, the group fought four Ice Mephits, and there were some saw blades that shot out of the wall. they found 3 potions and a potion of speed.

On Level four they fought two Ice Mephits and two Maga Mephits. The Minotaur got messed up in this fight and the Imp went down. The Minotaur used a potion and some spells to get up to full health, and the Imp got some health back. This is important for the next level.

On level five the only thing in the room was a stone slab, with a button on it. The Imp pushed the button and the top of the slab turned into a full buffet. if you have taken damage when you eat the food you get full health, if you have full health when you eat the food you lose half your health. The Minotaur found that out the hard way.

Do you See What I See? on level six if you fail your save the room will show you what you are most afraid of, for the Goblin it’s the undercity, and the room messed him up, now any time he is in the undercity all his rolls will be made with disadvantage, the same for the imp but he is afraid of museums. The Minotaur was saved but got attacked by the imp in his Panic attack.

On level 7 they fought four Magma Mephits, the Imp tried to get them to attack him, so when they blow up, they might kill each other but that has not happened yet.

Alright, my friends, it’s once again time for me to get back to work, so until next time keep gaming.

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