It should be This Week in Gaming, but it’s not.

There are no games right now. I start a new Ravnica game this weekend, so there is that. My DM for the play-by-post game is really busy with life and work, and due to life, I don’t have any Goblins at the level to play the Ravnica patreon game.

My Girls have given me two hours to work on the Temple of Set before I have to take them swimming, but instead of that I am writing a weekly blog post, and trying to talk with my Goblins about getting them more engaged with the Patreon posts I make.

I think that is it, so I am going to go use the rest of my time to work on the Temple of Set. Until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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