The Adventures of Chantel #114 It’s con time.

Who has 4 hot, pink dresses and is almost ready for Gary con even though it is 11 months away? That’s right it’s me but we will get to that in a minute.

Jammer con is only 18 days away. I am only going to play a game or two at this con. I don’t have an outfit picked out for it yet. But I have a really nice red dress so I might do with that.

VGHC It’s still far enough away that I am not going to count how many days are left but it’s a lot. I think I am gong to try and get in on the late DCC game on Saturday night. I still need to get these tights for my outfits.

Now let’s get back to Gary con, I have four hot outfits got my boots and my badge, starting to work on a new adventure that will con out at the con. I think I am ready to go.

But today the question was asked what to do and see, and who to meet at the con and outside of the con. I might have to convince Rob Southgate to talk about things to do in the windy city on his next showing of The Third Best Southgate.

So what to do at the con or better yet what games to seek out? Look I know that if you have read the blog at all you know the answer, but one I am taking this from a different angle, and two I am sure there are a few people that have not read it before. So here we go.

I would try and get in on a game of one Chantel jones, she is going to be running two 1e AD&D games and a brand new 5e Ravnica game. Second That’s right any game run by my man Carlos. And if Jay Scott is running his adventure I would go for that too. After that, I don’t really know I mean if Tim Kask a special game, but if it’s a special game good luck. Man, I need to give that dude a hug.

So who to meet? While they say don’t meet your heroes, but aside from those above-named people. I will say Luke because the person asked, and if you are going to meet Luke I would also say the Brother, Who rumor has it will be at the con, but that is a different story for a different day. And really anyone you can hang out with would be fun I think.

What to do? I would check out the hold Gary house, I heard that the lady that lives there will give a tour, I don’t know. I would go see the Gary Plaque and I would drive by the old TSR building but that is it, again a different story for a different day, but they don’t need your money.

Oh and if you a Golfer, I hear the Hotel has a nice course. That is it my friends so until next time keep gaming.

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