The Adventures of Chantel #122: Christmas is Coming

Every Year I am part of an RPG secret Santa. I mailed out my gifts today, and that means Christmas is coming. Every year I have an outfit I wear on Christmas eve, but last year was not good and this year I am trying to save money to go to Gary Con.

I have kind of moved past The Helping Hand of Doom. Oh man, that should be the title of an adventure. Oh anyway I don’t do The Helping Hand of Doom anymore but it’s Christmas and what would Christmas be if I did not give a Shout Out to my Boys Carlos and David.

Carlos Lising The Man behind Castl Enat. does amazing work and you can find all his adventures here.

David A Hill of Mothsade Concepts Is a wonderful creator and a good friend. You can find all his work on

Now it’s my turn, There is so much going on at the swamp if you wanted to gift someone the gift of being a patreon that would be an amazing gift.

All the links for and Lulu can be found on the website if you are looking for the perfect gift this year for that nerd in your life.

That is it for this time, so until next time my friends keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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