The Aventures of Chantel 129: System Overload

As we continue to watch the fallout from Ha$bro/WotC’s cash grab, The crowds have already started in with the Oh If everyone makes their own system, there are going to be so many systems and what are we going to do?

Can you please stop, do you know how many systems there are right now? Let’s count some. There is Pathfinder, L5R, CoC, C&C, OSRIC, For Gold and Glory, and so many more. The problem here is that one System The “world’s greatest Role-Playing Game” has center stage to the point that people’s brains have been broken so they think there is only one system.

As we enter the era of the ORC, there are already whatever Kobold Press is working on, Pathfinder 2e, Project Phoenix, The Wonderland setting maybe, and at least 5 other systems that are being worked on as I write this post, and There are going to be so many more coming.

The problem we now face is not that there are going to be even more systems for people to choose it’s going to be making sure that one company doesn’t go for the power grab, now I don’t think this will happen because for now all the systems that are being created are owned by gamers, but if that ever changes that company better understand they are on Notice, and that goes double for The Swamp.

My friends that is it for today. So until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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