The Adventures of Chantel 132: Ravenloft

Today’s post comes by way of Mike Evans of DIY Games. Now this question came during the second dark age of Wizbro’s OGL. And that question is For reasons why system other than D&D would you use to run Ravenloft?

I think my go-to system would be CoC, it’s all about the weird stuff.

But as I was writing about CoC, I remember there is something even better. and that is The Night Shift by Elf Lair Games.

Ravenloft is/was my number go-to setting, but here’s the thing it’s not cool because of D&D it’s cool because it’s Ravenloft a world of Gothic Monsters and Shit, and you can do that with whatever setting you want rather it be Pathfinder or Savage Worlds. If I could find a copy of The Haunted Highlands I would be doing stuff there.

It’s short but that’s it for today, so until next time keep Gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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