Super Beatdown Sunday

It’s been some time since I have done a Super Beatdown Sunday, but I have a new deck that I have built for my son. I built it on MTGGoldfish, but can’t share the link because the deck has a banned card in it.

I don’t really care for banned lists I feel that if you don’t want something in any game don’t make it. I also think it is kind of dumb that you can’t share a list and then if someone wants to buy this deck, they can change the banned cards if they want to.

1Chun-Li, Countless Kicks  $ 15.68Creatures (22)1Caravan Escort$ 0.201Enclave Cryptologist$ 0.401Gingerbrute$ 0.481Skywatcher Adept$ 0.221Azorius Arrester $ 0.191Coralhelm Commander $ 3.461Hada Spy Patrol $ 0.251Halimar Wavewatch $ 0.251Kami of the Crescent Moon $ 1.001Knight of Cliffhaven $ 0.201Lighthouse Chronologist $ 14.301Echo Mage  $ 0.501Lyev Skyknight  $ 0.171Minn, Wily Illusionist  $ 2.911Queen of Ice $ 0.181Transcendent Master  $ 4.251Vega, the Watcher  $ 0.251Venerated Teacher $ 0.201Kabira Vindicator $ 0.251Lavinia of the Tenth  $ 0.491Isperia’s Skywatch $ 0.161Archon of the Triumvirate  $ 0.30Planeswalkers (1)1Teferi, Master of Time  $ 6.02Spells (29)1Brainstorm$ 1.101High Tide$ 0.441Leap$ 0.891Light of Hope$ 0.161Light the Way$ 0.151Shadow Rift$ 1.571Thought Scour$ 0.321Alabaster Potion  $ 0.201Angelsong $ 0.301Battlefield Promotion $ 0.141Brain Freeze $ 4.761Counterspell $ 1.001Disenchant $ 0.171Essence Capture $ 0.211Faithful Mending $ 0.611Show of Confidence $ 0.251Take Up the Shield $ 0.151Test of Faith $ 0.241Unbounded Potential $ 0.201Will of the All-Hunter $ 0.201Absorb  $ 0.501Honor’s Reward $ 0.251Akroma’s Will $ 18.041Angel’s Mercy  $ 0.201Scale Blessing $ 0.191Wash Out $ 0.301Brace for Impact $ 0.251Time Reversal  $ 2.861Akroma’s Vengeance  $ 0.50Artifacts (8)1Elixir of Immortality$ 0.651Sol Ring$ 1.581Azorius Signet$ 0.501Swiftfoot Boots$ 0.991Sword of the Animist$ 11.781Sword of Body and Mind$ 15.991Sword of Feast and Famine$ 36.921Sword of Fire and Ice$ 48.27Enchantments (4)1Detainment Spell$ 0.251Wizard Class$ 1.571Monk Class $ 0.381Martial Law  $ 0.32Others (1)1Enduring VictaryLands (34)1Azorius Chancery$ 0.241Blasted Landscape$ 1.571Command Tower$ 0.261Desert of the Mindful$ 0.151Desert of the True$ 0.251Deserted Beach$ 7.191Drifting Meadow$ 0.151Glacial Floodplain$ 0.341Glacial Fortress$ 3.7410Island$ 0.001Myriad Landscape$ 0.256Plains$ 0.001Port Town$ 0.251Prairie Stream$ 0.271Reliquary Tower$ 3.651Remote Isle$ 0.201Sea of Clouds$ 5.721Seachrome Coast$ 2.361Secluded Steppe$ 0.211Temple of Enlightenment$ 0.26100 Cards Total

I played this deck once today, and it won. That is it for This beat down, so until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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