This week in Gaming 6/23/2021

Alright, here we are again. Let’s start with how I was doing good at getting stuff up on the Game store part of the site, but then today I was like you know, there is a lot of stuff on the site and it’s not moving so do I really need to put more up right now? The short answer is no I don’t, but the long as is I probably should so I am sure I will be back at it tomorrow.

Since the last this week in Gaming. TSR is back again. For now we will leave it at that.

This week is Woman+ con, no one has signed up for the game I am running, and I am still the only one signed up for Band of the Run. I think I will just back it in and start getting ready for the con here.

The Final Dream I: I am just about done with the 1st level of the Temple of Golden Nuts, I might be able to finish it today, if I can figure out how to stay focused. I will get back to that when I am done here.

Wonderland: Nothing new this week.

Ravenloft: I have not been reading as much, but I am going to be getting the 5e book soon, and will dig into that, and will start working on the adventure for Ice and Dice.

I think that is it for this week so until next keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 55 or it’s always an adventure when you are a Jazz fan.

It was a good day, got The Final Dream Bundle made and even sold a copy already.

I was looking at my Wonderland map today, and I am thinking I need to make changes to the land masses.

And then it was time for the Jazz game to start. I don’t know why I keep looking at the score I knew the jazz were going to lose, it’s what the Jazz do best. But I fell for it and thought they might win, they even had a 25 point lead. But nope I was right they lost and now their season

There were so many times this season that I would stop working on projects to get excited about what the Jazz were doing, and bought in to the idea that with new ownership things would be different. But it’s not it’s the same old thing. And I don’t think I will miss Basketball anymore then I miss all the other sports that I have given up on, because I need to focus on more important things. That’s it so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 54

What a week, we buried Grandma on Monday, and of course the family can’t help saying stupid stuff that make me still think I need to do an other blog just to talk about stuff. It was good though.

Got all my books back on the shelf, but I just throw them up, so my 2e books are with my 4e books, I will get to fixing that when I do. Maybe this week I will do that, or maybe I will wait until I get my for Gold and Glory and start writing 2e adventures.

The binding in my Ravenloft book broke, so I need to get that fixed.

I have three dresses that I really want to have for Ice and Dice next year, but every person I ask to make them for me keep doging out on me. So I went to this little dress shop by the game store. They don’t do special orders, but they have some really nice stuff. We will see what happens.

Women+ con is next weekend and no one has signed up for my game. That might be ok, but I am the only person that has signed up for the games that I want to play in, so I don’t know if I am going to be doing anything.

A Facebook Memory came rushing up to meet me, and now I have to redo The Temple of Zeus, I mean I just need to put in the Map for the under city. and then I can put it back on the market.

I got all the monsters done that I need for the Temple of Golden Nuts, so when I am done with this blog and helping the kinds cut the grass I will be getting back to that. So I think this is that part of the blog where I say Until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 53

Today has not been a good day for getting things done. I have spent most of the day playing Mario with the kids for sleeping because I have a headache. And I guess if you think about it, it has been a bad week for getting some things done. I am suppose to get 9 magic cards on the website everyday. I have only done that one day this week.

Because I did not work on the Wonderland setting there was now World-building blog today, but tomorrow I am to get a lot done of this months Mini-dungeon adventure.

I don’t have anything else to write at this time so I think I am going to start getting my books back on the shelf’s. So until next time keep Gaming.

This week in Gaming 6/9/2021

The first week back from family stuff, it’s always good to be back to doing what you enjoy.

The first thing I want to talk about is not really gaming, but about the WordPress site. When I write a blog and someone comments on it, it will show that I have tp approve it, but after that it doesn’t show that someone has said something. Sometimes I get a email, but not every time. I am not saying I need to approve everything, but it would be nice if it said he John said something on your post.

This week I am promoting one of my 5e adventures Chanel’s Museum of Natural History. I wrote if for a contest a few years ago.

Hey ladies do you like gaming? if you said yes then do I have some good news for your. Woman+ con is coming June 26th-27th. Plus if you are readying this blog, you get a cheat code to get a free badge. RM74-E7VL-W15T-9DWU

I have signed up for a Starfinder game called Band on the Run, and me being me is already having fun with that. My name will be “Allen Parcin” I play the Keygtaur, and my weapon if I need one will be a sludge hammer.

The Final Dream I: Work on the Temple of Golden Nuts is coming along well, I have to write all the new monsters I am making for it, and then I can continue on with that project. but before I can finish that I need to create a Ninja class for my next Virtual Greyhawk con adventure.

I am hopping that my Proof copy of The Temple of Zeus comes today, so I can take it with me when I go to the game store. The Manager only plays 2e, so I know he will buy a copy and then hopefully he will order two for the shop.

Wonderland: There was no work on Wonderland this week because of my trip to Las Vegas, but I am about to get a lot of world mapping done. Then Fridays Wonderland world-building will be about a city or two.

Ravenloft: I am reading about the spells in the 2e setting, I have not had any new ideas, but I have not been reading as much as I would like to. Maybe tomorrow while the kids are swimming i can get some reading in.

Well my friends we have come to the end of another week, so until next time Keep Gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #52

I really need to start making an outline of the things I want to talk about in my adventures. For example last time I wanted to talk about how I like that WordPress tells me when I reach certain milestones, like the other day I the site reached 1,000 all time page views. Blogspot did not do that. That is cool because the most people I have had on the site in one day was 62.

I have two ideas for blog posts, but I am not sure. They are both around Pride Month I know it’s my site and I can do what I want, but I don’t know if I want to deal with all the dickheads that will come out of the wood work, and I know they will. Can you say dickheads on WordPress?

This week I will start working on the adventure I am writing for Virtual Greyhawk con, sign-ups for that are going to start on July 1st. I think I am going to run R1 Castle Roan, of course the new adventure, C8 Zavod by Carlos Lising. And then maybe CH1 The King’s Castle.

I was able to get some work done today on The Temple of Golden Nuts, which is nice. It also gave me something to post to the patreon. Got some work done on The Temple of Golden Nuts today. I am hoping trying what ever you calling to get 4 new people to join this month.

I think that is it for this post. I think this coming week is going to be a good week for writing and maybe even gaming. So until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #51

Let’s start this adventure with an update. I came home the other day from somewhere, and the bookcase had been fixed. That being said I think I am just going to keep the books I need for adventure writing until I can go get a new bookcase. It seems the kickstarter is over which is good because that means maybe soon we can all get the Shelf file of holding. this would allow more room which means more weight, so I would still need a new bookcase.

Today was the first Wonderland building of the month, it was good to get back to that. I did a poll and a person the only one to voted wanted me to do it about The Knights.

Yesterday I got The Temple of Zeus done and out on Drivethru. and I have ordered the proof copy so soon it will be on Lulu. I want to make a bundle on Drivethru for all the adventures, so I think on today’s to do list is make a cover for that.

There is a new con coming next year, that I will be going to. It’s called Ice & Dice.

I think that is it for this adventure, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #50

There was no This week in Gaming this week, because well there was not much gaming, with family stuff going on. I was just thinking that in two weeks I have only read one page from the Ravenloft book I am reading. But today I will get all of it back on Track starting with getting The Temple of Zeus published as soon as I am done with this blog.

The game sign up’s for Women+ con should be opening soon, I think I am only to run the one game on Saturday morning and then the other three spots I will just play some games. I Think I will wear my camo skirt and top one of the days. I have spent the last two weeks trying to find a top to go with it, and finally did, I am not sure what I will wear the second day yet.

It’s a short adventure, but it’s time to get back to gaming, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #49, I need a new bookcase.

I was debating if I was going to write a post today, but then when my bookcase broke, I know what I was going to write about. The only thing in my room now are things that I need for my writing, the rest is in boxes to go to my aunts house.

A few blogs ago, I said that some day i should share my production list with you, and now that the only thing on my shelf is what I need for writing, I guess today is better than any other I guess.

The Temple of Zeus 1e. This is done I just need to publish it next week.

The Temple of Golden Nuts (was the Temple of The Cat Lord) 1e

The Temple of Set 1e.

Mt. Kolob 1e

Everything to the point is for The Final Dream I.

Ice and Dice 5e this is not the game of the adventure but the con that I am writing for.

Bloodmore Keep 1e. (this will be this years adventure for Greyhawk con)

Working for Krenko 5e

40 days and 40 nights 3/3.5 ( have the folder for the project but all the books are in boxes). I don’t think I am going to get to this adventure any time soon.

Lady Fear 5e ( I might make this part of my Ravenloft adventures.)

Sing Sweet Nightingale 1e

The Slave book 5e ( this is a book about the Slave background.)

Blue Magic 5e

The Shopping adventure 1e

The Sports ball adventure 1e

The Glory Hole Dwarven Mine 3e ( It’s a working title and I might do something for 1e and 5e)

Red Magic 5e

The O.A. 1e/3/3.5/5e

The O.A. II (see above).

Ravenloft. ( I have a list of three things I could do).

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

The Final Dream II 1e

Black Magic 5e

Green Magic 5e

White Magic 5e

A Mighty Crown 1e

A is for Aphrodite 1e (I might also make this a 3/3.5 thing).

Thee will also be an adventure added to the list when I know what artifact is in the Temple of Set.

That is a big list and I better get on it, so until next time keep Gaming.