The Adventures of Chantel #48

I am so tired but I am going to try and get this adventure out. I hate fast trips to anywhere, but this week I have had to drive to Idaho, and deal with people I don’t want to deal with, go to my Grandma’s funeral and then drive right back home because my wife has a final. On the plus side I don’t need to go buy paper for the righting anytime soon.

I was suppose to go to North Texas RPG Con, but with all the family stuff going we were not able to do my wife business trip, so we are doing that next week. So the next con will be Women+ con at the end of June.

I don’t know if it came after I left for my trip or today before I got home, but I now have the Lulu copy of Castle Roan so it is life at Chances are that it will be my Two for Tuesday next week.

I was able to work a little on the first level map for the Temple of The Cat Lord, and am now almost done with it, and can start writing the Monsters and Treasure Sunday. Tomorrow I need to push as much as I can on my Patreon project for this month that will be late.

I think that is all I have for this adventure so until next time Keep Gaming.

This Week in Gaming 5/26/2021

This week has been a hard week with a family loss, but some things still got done.

The Final Dream: I was hoping to finish the pre-gens and get the Temple of Zeus out today, but that did not happen, so now it will have to wait until next week. I went to get the maps ready for the Temple of the Cat Lord, and I can’t find them so now I have to redraw them. So I will be working on that next.

I will stick to my plan that when I am done with the next project I will go back to my normal production schedule, that just means the next project is The Temple of the Cat Lord.

Wonderland: With the family loss, I have not done anything with this project. Last week I did a poll, and even though only one person voted, when I get back to the World-building blog, I will be doing it about the Knights.

Ravenloft: I have been reading, but I have been way to tired to come up with new adventure.

It’s time to be wrong again

Last year I wrote a blog, ok I wrote more than one, they were called plane chase, and they were about the settings that WoTC might be releasing this year. I never wrote on on Ravenloft because in on of the first ones I did, I said WoTC would not do Ravenloft because they already did CoS and that allowed people to write 5e content in Ravenloft. Now here we are.

While it’s time to be wrong again. Because know what we know I am going to say That the next to setting that Wizards is going to visit are Greyhawk and SpellJammer. And you Ask why? While we got CoS and then Ravenloft so it Makes since that if we have Ghost of Saltmarsh we would get Greyhawk.

There is also still that part of me that says Greyhawk, because WoTC still wants the old timer to come to 5e that is more money for them. That being said I have not heard much good stuff about Ravenloft so if WoTC did not do Greyhawk right they would lose The old timers.

In Dragon Hiest there is a part to a Spelljammer ship, so why not send us to the Plane of SpellJammer?

But what about the Drama about Dragonlance Chantel? While I say Smoke screen, but we can still get a Dragonlance 5e next year. In all the writings there has not been any hints about Dragonlance, and you say but what about Darksun. The title is called it’s time to be wrong again.

This Week in Gaming 5/19/2021

I got all the pre-gens done for Castle Roan and have ordered the Proof copy, so when that gets here I can start selling the PoD, but until then enjoy the PDF.

The Final Dream: I have one more level to type of the Temple of Zeus and then that will come out, I am hoping for this weekend, but it will most likely be on Monday, I am waiting to get the cover back for it. Then it will be full steam ahead on the Temple of Set, Oh yeah I also have to make some changes to the Temple of The Cat Lord. so that is the next adventure. I just need to make some changing to names and that will be good to go.

Wonderland: Last week for the Wonderland world-building blog I wrote about the Death Train. This week I am debating writing about the Knight class or the Sisters of Alice. There might be a lot there.

Ravenloft: I love how this is becoming a weekly thing. I am almost done readying Realm of Terror and got two ideas for adventures. one comes from a Nursery Rhyme. the other one, Now hear me out. What if in the Haunted house is Saltmarsh is a portal to Ravenloft and the Lizardfolk keep attacking the city because they can sense that it is there, then when the hero’s go through the portal to Ravenloft they can’t get back.

That my friends is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #47 or No one wants to work!

The title would lead you to believe that this post is about how my store is closed because I don’t pay my employees enough, but I am the only at the Swamp, So maybe it’s about how if people would have listened when I worked at Dairy Queen or how the General Manager would not have been fired for not following the law if he had listened. But nope that is not it either. It’s not even about if No one wants to work, so if you are one of the ones that Showed up to work to day you are No one.

It’s about how some people do want to work but they want to do what makes them happy. I say it that way because I had a Cousin that loved working at McDonalds and good for him I guess, or my Grandfather who spent many hours of hard work to make his yard look nice.

The Swamp is a lot of work and I love it, what don’t love is any of the other jobs I have had over the years, I don’t know anyone that like being treated like crap, and that is why I work everyday to make it so I don’t have to work for other people and I think others feel the same way.

I have a new friend that is doing some pretty cool stuff. Joe just finished a Kickstarter for a con, and is now working on getting ready to do a campaign setting. and has some pretty cool adventures over at

Carlos is my boy and I will always promote his stuff. I need to get busy and buy more adventures.

He also has a patreon I wish I had 50 dollars a month so I could get that last spot. But maybe you can get it.

I have know David A Hill, for a few years and I love him so much. His stuff like unto the Swamp is on Drivethru.

He also has a pateron, but I am not sure how new people signing up works if he has the charging system not on so I am not going to give you the link, I don’t want you to wake up one and be like what is this charge?

There are so many others like 2 Kings, that one day I will reminder to add to the every growing list of people that I hope can someday quite their day jobs. So until Next time keep Gaming.

This week in Gaming 5/12/2021

It’s a new week in gaming and I think it was a good week. So let’s get in to it. There is a new con to me coming up in June. I say new to me, because even though this is their second year it’s the first I have heard of it. Women+ con. I have signed up to run one game, but I will submit games for the other four time spots latter.

The Final Dream: I will have the Temple of Zeus finished up and ready to go out by the end of next week, I am hoping to get a lot of type done tomorrow and Friday, then I need to update the pre-gens with treasure from the first adventure. I have sent the cover to the art guy and he is working on it. Then when that is done I can spend all my time getting the Temple of Set done. I have decided that when I am done with that project I am going back to working on three projects at a time, there is a lot I need to get out.

Wonderland: I have not done much work since last week on this project but I have things that I need to write out. I have been thinking about the Death Train. and some of the classes. I should write it soon that way I can talk about it in my World building blog on Friday.

Ravenloft: I don’t know if I have talked about this since I have moved to WordPress but before I remembered I have to have two major things done this year I was planning on writing a lot of stuff for Ravenloft even before WoTC told us that is the setting they are doing this year. And the closer we get to it coming out on May 19th the more I think about all the things I want to do. So I have started writing done ideas for adventures and stuff.

I think that is it for this week, so until next time Keep Gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #46 Friday is Thursday.

This adventure took place on Thursday may 6th, but by the time I was able to get the computer I was done for the day, and did not want to write a blog. So we are going to do it now.

This adventure had a two fold mission. one I had to go to the Capital city to sale my Bulk Magic cards, and two I had to go fulfill my Patreon goal, and work in the Dragon room at one of the Game Stores to help their charity.

One the first part of the mission I got 8 dollars more for my magic cards that was nice. On the train ride in to the city I had so many thoughts like why Does UTA have it’s own police force but when the Bus driver has to call the cops, it’s ever the UTA ones that show up, but the ones for what ever city the bus is in? On the way home there was this guy that was telling me that he spends 12 dollars every day to go to BYU and look for a job, then ask the question who has that kind of money.

Well clearly this guy does, but why. The U of U most likely has a job board, plus BYU doesn’t update the job board everyday, and everything that is on the BYU job board is on the internet.

The second part of the mission was ok I guess. one of my goals on Patreon is to get 15 dollars a month. The reason is because one I need a place to work sometime, and two the Game Store has a charity that raises money to help kids learn how to read, and that seems like a good thing to me.

The Dragon room, the one they rent for this charity, still has a lot of work to be done, and that is fine. the biggest issue I have is that it is so hot in that room, I am not 100% sure I will be using that room again during the summer, but you can read more about that on the patreon.

I need to go play basketball with the kids so I think that is all for this adventure, so until next time Keep Gaming.

This week in Gaming 5/5/2021

I am thinking about starting to do my weekly blog on Wednesday because I am in this group that does Promo days on Wednesday and Sunday, and on The Sunday I try to either the Drivethru or the Patreon. Plus since coming to WordPress This week in Gaming doesn’t seem to be doing as good as it was on the Blogspot.

So this week, I finished typing the second level of The Temple of Zeus and maybe I will get to level 3 today, I am kind of not feeling it today. I created a new monster for the Temple of Set.

I got my events submitted for Saltcon end of summer a local con in Utah, and people are so ready to game again that the only game I am able to run of the first day is the AL game that I was assigned. But was still able to get some of my games in plus I am going to run 8 hours of B2. That should be fun.

I should start working on the notes for that, with all the other things that I am doing. like coming up with ideas for two new adventures. One is going to be a Greek adventure.

I think that is it for this week, so until next time Keep Gaming.

The Adventure 45

I had this idea that I was going to write a blog about cons as part of this article. But in talking with some people even ones that my thoughts would effect, no one wants to Hear, what I have to say so I will just talk about other things.

Well we are on the subject of cons, the next one I will be doing is North Texas RPG virtual I think I am going to wear my snakeskin outfits that I was going to wear at Garycon before covid.

Then the local con at the end of July start of August. I am excited for that one. I have not heard anything about the one that is by my house during my birthday weekend, but I am still hoping that it happens.

Got my monthly Patreon post done. I am hoping to get 4 goblins to the ranks this month.

And I have a sells goal of 100 dollars this month.

I think that is it for this adventure, so until next time Keep Gaming.

This Week in Gaming 4/29/2021

Here we are another week has come and gone. I got a new adventure out. and am working on adding more pre-gens to it so I can get it out on PoD.

I just got done making cave people characters for a DCC game that I am going to be playing in. It kind of makes me wonder though I have not seen many level 1 adventures for the cave people, so maybe I just add that to my list of things to do.

I keep thinking I should share my production list with you guys, I have shared it on the patreon. Speaking of the Patreon, I have two new characters for the Pre-gens for Castle Roan.

The Final Dream: When I am done with this blog I am going to get back to typing the Temple of Zeus, I took a day off yesterday. Being down one computer while the kids are getting their school work done, I am getting the second level of the temple of Set done.

Wonderland: I had this plan that I was going to go to the Game store today, and get a lot of mapping done, but even the best laid plans of mice and women. So I will be doing that next week. I have been adding names to the city list, and got some stuff done for the four queens.

I think that is it for now, so until next time Keep Gaming.