The Adventures of Chantel: 135 You did what?

It’s once again time to answer a question from DIY RPG Productions. This week everything they have to offer is on sale.

Today’s question is What is an achievement/goal you reached that you are proud of?:) Now Mr. Evans breaks it down into Professional, DIY, and Personal. Now I know none of you don’t care what I have done in my personal life. Hell, most of you don’t even care what I did in my Professional life but I think The Swamp is my Professional life. So that’s what I am Proud of I have created my own Publishing company and am writing adventure and stuff for a game I love. And helping promote a dude I enjoy.

This Gamers Goals: It’s not 5 days

I don’t know why I thought there were five days left in this month, but there are not there are only two. In one way that is good, because I only have two days left before I can get my money from Drivethru and Patreon. But I was thinking about posting a follow-up about only having five days left to make 108,000 dollars.

There are only eight blog posts left before I have written 800 posts that is crazy to think about so let’s not and move on to the real reason we are here.

This last week was a good week, I got a few pre-gens done for the C&C adventure. I did not get to Wonderland.

This week the Promotion is R1 Castle Roam.

I am so close to reaching the 60-dollar goal on my patreon, which is going to come in handy when I start working on the pirate book because I want to get some inside art done for that book. I think a Goal of 6 goblins would be good for the month of March.

OSRIC FInal Dream: This one is kind of on Hold for now while I work on the Pre-gens for C&C, but the next thing to do here is to fix all the errors my editor missed and to change a few things then get the next printing of The Kings Castle out.

C&C Final Dream: I still have 18 pre-gens that I need to make, I don’t know why I thought I was going to be able to do that in a week. If I can do two a day starting on Thursday then on my next days off I would only be able to get eight done.

Wonderland: My goal this week is to work on the Map Thursday and Friday.

That’s it for this week my friends so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 134

Before we get into today’s question by Mike Evans of DIY RPG Productions. I want to share with you this game. Death is the new Pink is my first non-C&C product to get this year.

*Discussion of the Day*- What is a villain/adversary that you want to use in a campaign but haven’t had the chance? The answer to this one, is Sister Maryann Wentworth. The head Mistress at the lady’s school in my Dracula’s Castle adventure.

The Adventures of Chantel 133: who wants to play D&D with me?

My friend Mike Evans of DIY RPG Productions As once again got the wheels in my head turning or maybe they are not turning that much. Anyway here is his question and Answer.

*Discussion of the Day*- Dream team celebrity (alive or dead) RPG group. You want to run your dream campaign. You get five players and one GM. You can either be player or GM. Who are they? What’s the genre? Are you player or GM?

Right now, I want to run Barbarians with a group of peeps, so post-apocalyptic. I’d have Patton Oswalt, Kate Peterson (B-52s), Kurt Cobain, George Miller, Louie Armstrong.

Now here is my answer to the question and I was going to write this post this way even before finding out of the passing of a friend. So here goes. I would be a player. But I have never really been big on the Idea of hanging out with famous people. Do I think it’s cool that some famous people play D&D? Hell yeah I think it’s cool and more power to them, but it’s not my Jam

so to answer the question with a question, can I just have my Dead friends back? That is who I want to play D&D with, and the reason I would be a player, because one of the people I want back was my first DM and my best friend.

That’s it my friends, until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 75

It’s once again time for your weekly reminder we are not asking you to stop playing D&D we are asking you to stop supporting Ha$Bro

How did this week go? It went great I got the Temple of Set published and am waiting to get my proof copy from Lulu in the mail.

I also got three pre-gens done for the C&C version of The King’s Castle. I also got some notes down for one of the NPC’s in my pirate book that is coming soonish.

Alright, let’s get into this week. The promotion will be The Temple of Set. I don’t have a PoD yet so I am not sure what I am going to do one Tuesday for Two for Tuesday.

I am only four Goblins from having 10 goblins in my army.

I am hoping I can finish the pre-gens before I go back to work on Thursday. I have one more half-elf to make and then two of every race, but the half-orc. I will get started on that when I am done with this blog.

With the crap, Ha$bro tried to pull with I have been getting rid of the things I am not going to be using because the old things I am going to need from TSR I am going to have to buy secondhand so Ha$bro doesn’t get my money, and second hand TSR stuff is not going to be cheap. So I Tuesday I will be posting more stuff to eBay.

I am going to get some work done on the Wonderland map this week.

I think that is everything for this week. So until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 132: Ravenloft

Today’s post comes by way of Mike Evans of DIY Games. Now this question came during the second dark age of Wizbro’s OGL. And that question is For reasons why system other than D&D would you use to run Ravenloft?

I think my go-to system would be CoC, it’s all about the weird stuff.

But as I was writing about CoC, I remember there is something even better. and that is The Night Shift by Elf Lair Games.

Ravenloft is/was my number go-to setting, but here’s the thing it’s not cool because of D&D it’s cool because it’s Ravenloft a world of Gothic Monsters and Shit, and you can do that with whatever setting you want rather it be Pathfinder or Savage Worlds. If I could find a copy of The Haunted Highlands I would be doing stuff there.

It’s short but that’s it for today, so until next time keep Gaming.

This Gamers Goals 74

This past week has been okay, I guess. I got The Temple of Set done, and now I am just waiting for the cover to come back. I wanted to get a blog done every day I did not work, and that did not happen at all.

This week the Promotion is The Temple of Golden Nuts.

With this week’s goal, there is going to be a lot going on in the patreon, I still need four Goblins to reach this month’s goal, so if you are readying this I would like to invite you to check out the patreon and ponder the question what if I joined.

Alright, what’s happening this week? I am going to get some work done on the Wonderland map. It’s also time to get the pre-gens done for The King’s Castle, Castles and Crusades version.

That’s it for this week my friends, so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 73

This last week has not been good for getting work done, but working the swing shift was only for one week, so this week I am back to getting lots of stuff done.

I was just looking at the home page of the site and I need to update it, so that is now on the list of things to do this week.

This week I am going to get the pre-gens done for the Temple of Set.

Once I am done with the Pre-gens for The Temple of Set, it’s on to Pre-gens for The King’s Castle C&C version.

Those are the goals for this week. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 72

This last week was good, I got The King’s Castle converted to C&C, now I need to do the pre-gens for that. That was all I had for last week so let’s get into this week.

This week it’s time to get things back on track, now that Wizbros has decided that we can keep on keeping on, I need to get the pre-gens done for The Temple of Set. I will start working on that today and can work on it at work so I am hoping that I can finish it this week.

When I am done with the Pre-gens for The Temple of Set, it will be time to make the Pre-gens for The King’s Castle C&C version.

When I am done with this blog I also need to go set the Gamve Store back up.

It’s a new month this week, the patreon goal is four goblins. I have two characters that I need to post.

This week the promotion is The King’s Castle.

Alright my friends that’s it for today, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventure of Chantel 131 Music

There are a couple of things I need to read before I do From Darknight to the Joker part 2, so today I am going to answer a question from the owner of DIY games. What are the top five albums you listen to, to relax?

  1. This spot will always and forever belong to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Spot 2-5 are always changing and I am not even sure they all have albums but maybe playlists. Let’s see.

2. right now it’s The Broadway version of American Idiot

3. Pirates by Visions of Atlantis.

4. Right now it’s The Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd, Yes I like Pink Floyd, but this one is because of the people of the internet, and how I love them.

5. I don’t know so I am going to cheat and give you my it’s all too much playlists.

Alright, that’s it for now, so until next time keep gaming.