This Gamers Goals 49

Jammer Con is over, I had signed up for two games but then withdrew because I was just not feeling it with my wife out of town. I was able to get the new 5e Spelljammer books, so I can start writing some Spelljammer.

Up next on the Con List is VGHC 3. I am running The King’s Castle and The Temple of Zeus. There is still lots of room if you want to play in either of these games.

I am going to be playing in three games, one of them will be on twitch. I am excited about that. I am playing in one of the adventures that I wanted to play in, but it’s not the DM I wanted. That is really no big deal but you know how I feel about Carlos Lising.

The other day I was going to buy the Snake print stockings that I need, but Leg Ave, doesn’t let you use Paypal as a payment option. So I took my cousin with me when I went to this one store to see if they had them, and we went down a rabbit whole of stocking websites and now I have some other ones that I need to buy.

So this week working on the Goals. I did indeed work on Dancing in September but not as much as I should have. So I am like a page and a half away from being done with it.

So this week, it’s time once again to promote The King’s Castle.

I need to figure out how to get two goblins to join the Ranks this week. So if you are reading this blog post I would invite you to check out the free content and see if it’s something you would like to sign up for.

The goals this week are 1) finish Dancing in September, 2) work on the Ravnica game well at work.

I think that is it for this week my friends, so until next time keep Gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel 115 School is here

School starting is always a double edge sword here at The Swamp. On the one hand, the kids are growing up, and that kind of sucks if you are a parent you get it. On the other hand office supplies are at an excellent price. And with the kids not home, I can get more work done, which is always good.

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they started talking about how if you want to open a hobby store you have to be willing to sale your stuff. Then you have to have your store for a few years and then you can start collecting again. I am not how tired this is but it is something I have been thinking about.

I have a lot of cool stuff and I don’t know if I would ever find it again. I once sold a copy of before the bomb and have not seen a copy to buy again.”

I think that is all I have, so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 48

It’s going to be a short post today, I am about to go play Clue Jr. Last week could have been better, and I only have one focus this week. That is to get Dancing in September done.

After I am done with Clue Jr. I will get my weekly patreon post done, it’s a free one if you would like to check it out. I would like to get two new goblins this week.

This week it’s all about The Temple of Golden Nuts.

Alright, my Friends, that is it for this week. So until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals #47

I was not going to write this blog this week, because I have not been feeling well and it’s the same old thing. But this right now as I am typing has been the best I have felt and I don’t want that to go to waste.

I got signed up to play in a game at Jammer con called Truckers in Space! It’s going to be fun for so many reasons. When I am done with my character I will put it up as a freebie on the Patreon.

Because of said sickness, I did not work on any projects, ok I like I worked on Dancing in September for five minutes.

This week I will be promoting The Temple of Zeus. CH2 is the second adventure in The Final Dream Saga. In this adventure, the players head down to the undercity in search for King Stonewall. where they find themselves in The Temple of Zeus, where they might meet Jason.

This week on Patreon, I will be posting the character sheet for Space Trucking and a new Adventure in space. Plus we are getting closer to Dancing In September. I hope to get two new patrons this week.

Dancing in September: This is the main goal this week. I have the art back and need to get it colored and finish typing it up.

That is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #114 It’s con time.

Who has 4 hot, pink dresses and is almost ready for Gary con even though it is 11 months away? That’s right it’s me but we will get to that in a minute.

Jammer con is only 18 days away. I am only going to play a game or two at this con. I don’t have an outfit picked out for it yet. But I have a really nice red dress so I might do with that.

VGHC It’s still far enough away that I am not going to count how many days are left but it’s a lot. I think I am gong to try and get in on the late DCC game on Saturday night. I still need to get these tights for my outfits.

Now let’s get back to Gary con, I have four hot outfits got my boots and my badge, starting to work on a new adventure that will con out at the con. I think I am ready to go.

But today the question was asked what to do and see, and who to meet at the con and outside of the con. I might have to convince Rob Southgate to talk about things to do in the windy city on his next showing of The Third Best Southgate.

So what to do at the con or better yet what games to seek out? Look I know that if you have read the blog at all you know the answer, but one I am taking this from a different angle, and two I am sure there are a few people that have not read it before. So here we go.

I would try and get in on a game of one Chantel jones, she is going to be running two 1e AD&D games and a brand new 5e Ravnica game. Second That’s right any game run by my man Carlos. And if Jay Scott is running his adventure I would go for that too. After that, I don’t really know I mean if Tim Kask a special game, but if it’s a special game good luck. Man, I need to give that dude a hug.

So who to meet? While they say don’t meet your heroes, but aside from those above-named people. I will say Luke because the person asked, and if you are going to meet Luke I would also say the Brother, Who rumor has it will be at the con, but that is a different story for a different day. And really anyone you can hang out with would be fun I think.

What to do? I would check out the hold Gary house, I heard that the lady that lives there will give a tour, I don’t know. I would go see the Gary Plaque and I would drive by the old TSR building but that is it, again a different story for a different day, but they don’t need your money.

Oh and if you a Golfer, I hear the Hotel has a nice course. That is it my friends so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals #46

So I was going to write a blog about work stuff and The Swamp, but as you can that didn’t happen.

It’s the last day of Christmas in July.

Last week, I did okay working on my goals/projects I did not work on Ravnica at all at work, but I got the map done for the last warehouse. I did not work on The Temple of Set, because I have been working on Dancing in September.

Now that Christmas in July is going to be ending, it’s time to get back to promoting my PoD’s This week it’s going to be CH 1 The King’s Castle. Is the first adventure in The Final Dream I Saga. In this adventure, players head to the city of Dragon Valley, in search of King Stonewall. In the City, they will meet Brass the Copper Dragon.

Thins I need to work on this week.

Ravnica: I need to finish The warehouse section, there is a huge fight in this warehouse.

Dancing in September: I have about four pages left to type, I am hoping to get that done on Monday.

The Temple of Set: I need to get this done, but I need to get Dancing done so it can come out in September.

That’s it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

The Adventures of Chantel #113 Numbers are dumb

Look I know that numbers are good and some of them are great like 42, 69, 88, and yes 50 years of D&D, those are the numbers that I am talking about.

The numbers I am talking about are the kind of like oh hey our sales projections are down so we are going to have to let people go, and the very next day a huge order comes in so for the next 90 days everyone is working overtime.

Or the kind like my buddy has 75K followers on Twitter, but only gets 100 downloads on his podcast every month, or that research shows that 1% of your Twitter followers will make up your Patreon.

When I came up with the idea for this blog, it seemed longer but that is all I have for now, so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 45

I am tired and don’t feel good, my family has a bug, but here we are at the start of a new week.

Last week I worked on Ravnica each day at work. I am almost done with the map to the last warehouse.

I did not spend as much time working on Temple of Set as I should have.

Alright, let’s talk about this new week. I only have two days of work this week, so only two days of Ravnica. I should be able to get the warehouse done.

After my two days of work, I will be on my seven days off, so there are going to be lots of days that I can get typing done on The Temple of Set.

I need to also take some time and get Dancing in September done if I want it to be ready to come out on the 21st day of September.

That is it for this week, so until next week keep gaming.

This Week In Gaming 7/21/22

There is a new Ravnica game. Only two people showed up to the first game. They have decided that they both want to be from the Selesnya Conclave. They are a Loxodon Barbarian and a Centaur warlock.

Now they say life is what happens when you make plans. I told the dudes that I would have to shut down the game at the end of the year because my wife was going home and to our daughters to help with the new grand baby. but when I got home on Sunday night my mother-in-law was in the ICU, so I have had to cancel the game for now, while my wife goes home.

Christmas in July has started at Drivethru.

As today is the 21st of August we are one day closer to being able to sign up for what games we want to play at VGHC. The game I wanted to play on Friday got canceled so I need to find something else after my game. We are also one day closer to being able to get our badge for Gary Con. And one day closer to a new online event called Jammer con. it’s a Spelljammer con. I am only going to be a player in this con.

I think that is it for this week so until next time keep gaming.

This Gamers Goals 44

Last week was a good week when it comes to taking over the World one game store at a time. The second warehouse in the Ravnica adventure is done. I have started getting typing The Temple of Set.

It’s not really a goal, but I need to go get this snake neckless, that I am going to wear with my outfits to VGHC.

This week the item that I am pushing is The Temple of Zeus.

I am working on some new things for Patreon, so keep an eye out for that. It’s going to do with Spelljammer.

This week I will be working on the last warehouse for Ravnica. I won’t finish it at work, but I might get it done before next week’s post.

And lastly more Temple of Set.

So until next time keep gaming.