The Adventures of Chantel #47 or No one wants to work!

The title would lead you to believe that this post is about how my store is closed because I don’t pay my employees enough, but I am the only at the Swamp, So maybe it’s about how if people would have listened when I worked at Dairy Queen or how the General Manager would not have been fired for not following the law if he had listened. But nope that is not it either. It’s not even about if No one wants to work, so if you are one of the ones that Showed up to work to day you are No one.

It’s about how some people do want to work but they want to do what makes them happy. I say it that way because I had a Cousin that loved working at McDonalds and good for him I guess, or my Grandfather who spent many hours of hard work to make his yard look nice.

The Swamp is a lot of work and I love it, what don’t love is any of the other jobs I have had over the years, I don’t know anyone that like being treated like crap, and that is why I work everyday to make it so I don’t have to work for other people and I think others feel the same way.

I have a new friend that is doing some pretty cool stuff. Joe just finished a Kickstarter for a con, and is now working on getting ready to do a campaign setting. and has some pretty cool adventures over at

Carlos is my boy and I will always promote his stuff. I need to get busy and buy more adventures.

He also has a patreon I wish I had 50 dollars a month so I could get that last spot. But maybe you can get it.

I have know David A Hill, for a few years and I love him so much. His stuff like unto the Swamp is on Drivethru.

He also has a pateron, but I am not sure how new people signing up works if he has the charging system not on so I am not going to give you the link, I don’t want you to wake up one and be like what is this charge?

There are so many others like 2 Kings, that one day I will reminder to add to the every growing list of people that I hope can someday quite their day jobs. So until Next time keep Gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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