This Week in Gaming 5/19/2021

I got all the pre-gens done for Castle Roan and have ordered the Proof copy, so when that gets here I can start selling the PoD, but until then enjoy the PDF.

The Final Dream: I have one more level to type of the Temple of Zeus and then that will come out, I am hoping for this weekend, but it will most likely be on Monday, I am waiting to get the cover back for it. Then it will be full steam ahead on the Temple of Set, Oh yeah I also have to make some changes to the Temple of The Cat Lord. so that is the next adventure. I just need to make some changing to names and that will be good to go.

Wonderland: Last week for the Wonderland world-building blog I wrote about the Death Train. This week I am debating writing about the Knight class or the Sisters of Alice. There might be a lot there.

Ravenloft: I love how this is becoming a weekly thing. I am almost done readying Realm of Terror and got two ideas for adventures. one comes from a Nursery Rhyme. the other one, Now hear me out. What if in the Haunted house is Saltmarsh is a portal to Ravenloft and the Lizardfolk keep attacking the city because they can sense that it is there, then when the hero’s go through the portal to Ravenloft they can’t get back.

That my friends is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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