It’s time to be wrong again

Last year I wrote a blog, ok I wrote more than one, they were called plane chase, and they were about the settings that WoTC might be releasing this year. I never wrote on on Ravenloft because in on of the first ones I did, I said WoTC would not do Ravenloft because they already did CoS and that allowed people to write 5e content in Ravenloft. Now here we are.

While it’s time to be wrong again. Because know what we know I am going to say That the next to setting that Wizards is going to visit are Greyhawk and SpellJammer. And you Ask why? While we got CoS and then Ravenloft so it Makes since that if we have Ghost of Saltmarsh we would get Greyhawk.

There is also still that part of me that says Greyhawk, because WoTC still wants the old timer to come to 5e that is more money for them. That being said I have not heard much good stuff about Ravenloft so if WoTC did not do Greyhawk right they would lose The old timers.

In Dragon Hiest there is a part to a Spelljammer ship, so why not send us to the Plane of SpellJammer?

But what about the Drama about Dragonlance Chantel? While I say Smoke screen, but we can still get a Dragonlance 5e next year. In all the writings there has not been any hints about Dragonlance, and you say but what about Darksun. The title is called it’s time to be wrong again.

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