The Adventures of Chantel 60: or Let’s play 50 years of D&D

First I am so excited, this is the 600th blog post and I hope it’s a good one.

Alright here is the set up. The other day my friend posted a video about stuff. I shared. this on my facebook page because that is what I do, and then a talk broke out about the end of 5e. Now I have talked about this on the blog be for in a two part post. and

New this blog is not really about the end of 5e which is not coming for some time, that being said in the discussion that game about on my facebook page, there was this. I  fully expect a 50th anniversary slew of products. Mostly retro. But I am not expecting a 6th edition announcement or release then. So today my thoughts are about what we could get with 50 years of D&D or what comes in the D&D Gold box set?

Side note, it would be nice if we got the gold box computer games remastered.

Now before we get in to adventures on their own I would be happy if WotC took all the Giant adventures from each editions. Also if they did all the different Tombs of Horror.

Alright now that we have the two big things out of the way, I have this idea that we would get two adventures for each edition. Now for my first picks I know that they come from basic, but it will be updated to 5e so I don’t really care.

So for my first 1e pick it would either be B1. This is my favorite adventure and I know why you not B2. First everyone talks about that one so let’s do something different and Goodman games already updated B2.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that my second pick for the 1e part of this blog is going to be I6 Ravenloft. Now I know some of you are thinking why do we need more Ravenloft? are sick of Ravenloft. And yeah maybe, but this is not coming out for 3 more years so we will be over Ravenloft before we get to this part.

I think we are going to make this blog more than one part, so until next time or tomorrow keep gaming.

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