The Adventures of Chantel #61 or Let’s play 50 years of D&D part 2

Let’s get this started today we will look at adventures from 2nd to 5th editions, we are going to change things up a little for the first blog and you will see soon.

I said that we would get two adventures from each edition, but I don’t know what we would get from 4e because I don’t think there many adventures that were that good, so we are going to do three four 2e

The Eye of Pain, The Eye of Doom, and Eye to Eye. Nothing said D&D like the Beholder, and so if I was in charge of picking what we got for 50 years of D&D this would be my 2e picks.

I Think the picks for 3e are really good, I am starting with The Sunless Citadel. This is the only published 3e adventure I ran, but it was super fun.

My second Pick for 3e is probability the pest adventure not named Freeport or Ptlous. And it is The Red Hand of Doom. Oh man I had so many characters die in this adventure. And it might be my all-time favorite adventure.

The only adventure that If feel could be good enough for a 50 year reprint and update to 5e would be. Madness at Gardmore Abbey.

I am not sure what I would pick for 5e, so far all the adventures I have seen by WotC have been weak. I mean they could redo the Temple of Elemental Evil want to be adventure so right now I don’t have any picks for 5e. Which brings us to the point where I say until next time keep gaming.

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