This Week in Gaming 10/14/2021

Happy Thor’s day and that means it’s time again for the weekly update.

I don’t know if it will be today, but I need to start making a new character for a play by post game. I also need to finish my character for my every other Saturday game. I am waiting for the DM to read the new UA stuff. I think the bug race from Dark Sun would be cool to play as a Ranger. I just realized that both these games are the same adventure just one is as it was back in the day, and one has/ is being converted to 5e.

I have started building a new Commander deck, it has 99 lands I think it will be fun.

Free RPG day is this Saturday Oct 16th, I was hoping to find a store that I could go run some of my stuff, but there seems to be only 2.5 stores that are doing anything so I think the kids and I are just going to go do the stuff from DCC so we can get those books. That’s right you read a .5 and you wonder how do we get a .5. Well you see there is a game store in the capital city, and they were not going to do anything but after messaging them on Discord and calling them because I did not get an answer on Discord, they posted a poll on their discord that we could play the Normal Saturday D&D or we could learn a new game because it’s Free RPG day.

The Final Dream I: I have six pages left to type, I think I can get it done today. when I am done with the blog I will jump on that.

Ice and Dice: I will get fully into this when I am done with The Temple of Golden Nuts. If I finish that today, I will start on this adventure tomorrow.

Well my friends, I think we have come to the part where I say until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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