The Adventures of Chantel 80

Alright the time is here you can now get your badges for Ice and Dice. I am only signed up to run two games right now, I think I would like to play some, but part of me thinks I should run more to get my name out there.

Right now the plan is to run Chaos, the adventure I am writing for this con, and The King’s Castle. But I am really thinking about running my 12 hour game.

I finished the Temple of Golden Nuts today, I mean I still need to get the Pre-gens in but that is it, This adventure should be on Drivethru on Friday the 22sd. There are two monsters in the book, that you will not encounter, but you can get them on the Patreon before hand

So Paizo has a Union now, and that is Great, I support it 100% But I have been thinking about this since I read the news, what’s next when do we go on strike because getting more than 5 cents a word isn’t going to change just because there is a Union, and bad managers aren’t just going to stop being bad managers.

Then I had an even bigger thought. It doesn’t really matter what happens at the home of Pathfinder, I mean if the workers do go one strike I support that and will tell everyone I know not to buy PF2 or Star Finder. but the next big thing we should be watching what is going to happen at WotC.

If the Workers at WotC get a union then things will start to change, but even a bigger company like Pazio the world is not going to change just because they have a union, just because Pazio is not the world leader anymore.

Now here is the thing, when the PF workers do go on strike, pazio is going to come knocking on our doors we need to stand strong and not screw over our what ever you want to call them. Now that being said, I get it you have mouths to feed and bills to pay, and if you took a job I would not judge you.

Alright I think that is it, so until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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