The Adventures of Chantel #81 Magic is still King.

I mean think about it even with D&D have two monster years there are more MtG setting books for D&D, then there are D&D things for Magic. and Yeah I am counting the Commander sets that are coming out next year. The reason? because the D&D nerds are already playing make but are the Magic nerds playing D&D? maybe that could be why we are getting magic settings in our D&D, but I think it’s more because maybe if we give them a Ravnica setting they will come play D&D and we can get them to pay twice, or three times if they get the books and them get them again on D&D beyond.

Today was Free RPG day, and only two store in Utah took part in it. Because it cost money to order the stuff, and that’s cool and I get that, but those stores that did not want to pay for it, have already spent of Magic cards that they may never see because they are on a boat somewhere. So again we know we are going to make our money on those magic cards but paying to give away stuff we can’t do.

And this is the thing that bugs me the most, even if you don’t get the packet of RPG stuff, why not do a sale or something to to promote Role playing like D&D? like hey come play this adventure and we will give you 10% off. Or better yet why not work with local creators to promote them. I mean after all Local art is not stuck on boats right now.

The Answer they are not making money. And that is why I am 100% happy that the White gift set for the rules expansion can only be bought In game stores and I wish we would make a push to get everything back in the game store, then they would be more willing to spend the money to have Free RPG day in their store.

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