The Adventures of Chantel #94: Please Stop

Now as you read this post I know some of you will think that Chantel is doing the same thing she is asking us to stop doing, and in this post maybe I am, but am really not focusing on that news of Pazio, and more about what some dumbass said.

So here it is, over the Christmas break, Paizo announced that any new adventures would not use the plot hook of Slavery. Please stop buying in the fake outrage. But what do I mean? I mean the Reason that WotC and Pazio are so loud about the changes they are making. 1 They have to be it brings them in lots of money, 2 if you want them to stop being so loud about it, stop watching all the Youtubers crying about all these changes because we all know that off-screen they are okay with it because we all know that it is not effecting my home game. 3 and this is where me writing this blog comes in, stop letting them divide us.

I was going to get the exacted words, but the post was deleted. So after rambling on this guy said that everyone that uses the OGL is racist and mad that WotC is not letting them be racists. This made me mad for two reasons. first, the article was not even about WotC, It was about Pazio and Pathfinder, and the changes came about because one of the Pazio writers was a little overzealous in his writing about how the Adventure starts with the players being slaves. and the second Pathfinder doesn’t have an OGL, so unless you are trying to point that somehow Pathfinder is better than D&D why would you even bring this up?

This crap like this that are the reason that I don’t play Pathfinder, the Game I play is already full of dicks, why would I want to play Pathfinder and have more dicks to deal with?

Now I am very while aware that there is a group of people that want to die in 1850, I won’t say any names TSR3 and the 37 people that somehow keep getting conned into giving up their money for Kickstarter that will never be fulfilled, but 40 people do not make up the entire OSR community. And I would venture to guess that not even half for that 40 are even creating anything with or without the OGL.

So again if you truly believe that if a person can do whatever they want at their gaming Table, Then stop worrying about what Wizards or Pazio is doing.

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