This Week in Gaming or The correct answer is what is the Bard

Alright here we go, there is not much to talk about gaming this week. I need to make my character for my play by post game, I was thinking she was going to be a bard, but she is a Paladin of conquest.

The other day one of my nerd friends ask what class the Disney Princesses would be, and I am writing a blog to answer the question, because yes the correct answer is they are all bards, but maybe some of them have a dual-class. Like Snow White, she is a Bard/Ranger

So now that I have answered that one, let’s look at the rest of them.

Cinderella: I am not really sure, she would be anything other than a bard. I guess there are some versions of her story that maybe you could say a Magic-user.

Aurora: Oh man, Aurora is my girl. She would be a Ranger, as much as I don’t like the ranger in 5e.

Ariel: She is 100% an Artificer

Belle: Maybe she took after her father and she would be an Artificer, but I really think she is a Lore Master.

Jasmine: she would be a rogue.

Pocahontas: She’s a Ranger.

Mulan: I don’t like Multi-class more than once, but some people do it, and Mulan would be the Bard/Ranger/Rogue.

Tiana: Magic-User

Rapunzel: Ranger maybe

Merida: Ranger maybe a Barbarian

Moana: Ranger.

Raya: She is a Barbarian, I mean even in the movie the other Barbarian says She can’t see us she is blinded by her rage.

There you go, something to Ponder on, and until next week Keep Gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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