This Gamers Goals 65

This last week has been good, I got my planner for next year, and I found this really nice one that had a money tracker and stuff in it, but I decided not to get it, mostly because it was 20 dollars. I have been getting the Temple of Set done. I sent the art to my cover guy so I am really hoping that I can get it out by the end of the year. Every day is Halloween is coming along. I ordered the second book of graph paper that I need for it then I realized that I am going to need one more book so I can do the school of Sister Maryann Wentworth.

This week the promotion is going to be the Temple of Zeus.

There is a lot of good things coming to the Swamp and Every day is Halloween is a lot of fun. I would like to get 5 new goblins this week.

Okay, The goals for this week. I have been sitting on a blog for some time, so this week I will get it out.

The Temple of Set: I need to push to get this out. I think there are about 50 rooms that I need to type up. I am about to start my seven-day weekend for this month, so that will be lots of time to get this project done.

Every day is Halloween: still keep trucking.

Alright, my friends that is it for this week, so until next time keep gaming.

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I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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