This Gamers Goals 66

Last week was good, I got some typing done on the Temple of Set and working on Every Day is Halloween.

This week the Promotion is The Temple of Golden Nuts.

Patreon: The goal is still to get 5 people this month. There is still time, and lots of good stuff for you to get, I am about to start working on Dracula’s Castle.

This week is going to be light. I am so close to being done with The Temple of Set, but I have decided that I need a break so I will finish this project in January.

Every Day is Halloween: I can’t take a break from this project because every day is Halloween. So I need to get going on Dracula’s Castle and get the spell list done for the new class.

It’s a short blog but that is all I have, so until next time keep gaming.

Published by Chantel Jones

I am a gamer at heart and that is why I do what I do.

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